Monday, June 23, 2014

Twin birthday celebration

My children have always had to make a choice on their birthday: meal of choice cooked at home by Mom, take out from restaurant of choice (think pizza, Chinese), or meal of choice (bfst/lunch/dinner) at restaurant of choice.

Kidlet # 3 chose lunch at a fairly local diner:


We all had burgers of some sort, fries or onion rings. Great food and service, prices good, too. Naturally, I took leftovers back with me, and incorporated some into last night's dinner, which ended up being cheese pizza and salad. Since I had monies leftover from lunch, I treated us and DS # 1 with the GF to take out from the Greek pizzeria. I chose plain cheese, as a budget measure. Still tasted great!

Tonight, we will go to a different diner, at the request of birthday twin # 2. We pushed the day to today, so that the GF could come, too. We will have cake and ice cream at home. I am making a chocolate cake and we can choose between 2 requested ice cream flavors, purchased at Aldi's for the occassion.


Paula Wethington said...

That looks like a fun idea for a restaurant!

Mary Lou said...

Happy Birthday to your boys!624