Saturday, June 28, 2014

Today's freebie, and errands

Up and out early today, to pick up what was initially supposed to be a box of larger pieces of scrap fabric (designer) off of my town's facebook tagsale page. It was posted as a freebie. When I arrived, the original owner was finishing placement of the material at the end of the driveway, as we agreed upon. I ended up with a large tote bag, a large box and a huge box of fabrics.

 Included were all high end, designer, many organic, fabric scraps in larger pieces. Here they are sorted by color family, on top of the bar.

Minky was included, as well as interfacing,

some great linen, too. If Carla is reading this, I recognized many of the same fabrics that you use. What generosity! I plan on making a scrappy quilt, backed in pieced together Minky. The canvas linen-grocery totes I think.

Once home, I finished some cleaning up, then left for Stop and Shop to cherry pick some deals, then off to Aldi's and Dollar Tree for staples we needed. Final stop was CVS as DD's RX was in and I had $7 in rewards bucks to take advantage of.

Here's how I did:
S & S; 1 pkg Kraft American cheese singles@ 99 cents, 1 Grey Poupon $1.99, 1 pkg of 4 packets Good Seasonings $2.29, 48 oz Heinz ketchup $1.49, 30 oz Hellman's mayo $1.99, 3 canisters Quaker corn meal (crash n burn but in perfect condition)@ $1.09, 3 boxes S & S pancake mix @ $1.09 (crash n burn, some going to college boy), 1 canister S & S baking powder (I am actually almost out) -crash n burn @ $1.24, also in pristine shape., 1 box fzn Al fresco chicken burgers $8.99, 2 pkgs Ball park beef franks @ $2.50, 1 pkg of 2 large London Broil steaks @ $1.99/lb after store coupon,  I spent $36.82 out the door after coupons, bottle returns
Aldis: 2 gallons milk, 4 fzn OJ, 1 stick margarine, 1 soft margarine, 1 pkg butter, 2 each hotdog and hamburger rolls, 2 pkgs large tomatoes, lb pkg red onions, 2 cuke, 1 "clausen style" pickles, 2 honey nut cheerios, 1 reg cheerios, 1 corn chex, 4 8 oz cans tomato sauce, 2 pkgs peanut butter on cheese crackers (for while I recover next week, an easy snack to keep on a tray table)Pam spray. I spent $37.42

Dollar Tree: bottle laundry detergent for college boy who will pay me back, 3 boxes Scotties tissues, 1 tube Colgate toothpaste. I saved $1 with coupons. $4.25 out the door.

Finally, the CVS game: freebie RX as we are in the golden state of having met our deductible, 2 bottles CVS brand canola oil (on sale 2/$7)-so a freebie with  $7 rewards points, 2 pkgs peanut M & M's. I spent $4.50 out the door.

Back home, I sorted through the aformentioned fabric by type and color. Had lunch (planned overs from last night). Just me and the cats are home, it's very peaceful so I am contemplating a nap!

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