Friday, June 13, 2014

Thursday: moving menus around

We were all sick of pasta, as well as tomato based foods so I grabbed some cans out of the pantry cupboard:

Using my usual recipe (1 grated carrot, homemade bread crumbs, 2 eggs, seasonings), I mixed up 6 salmon patties, which I fried off with some Pam spray in a cast iron skillet. Sides were a large tossed salad (2 types organic lettuce, organic French radishes, purchased tomato) with choice of dressings; a recipe I call "green bean saute" which is some chopped onions and peppers (Ideally multi colored pieces for additional color), sauteed in a bit of cooking oil, before adding drained, canned green beans and seasoning them with salt, pepper, garlic herb blend until warmed through.

After work this afternoon, I had my monthly hair appointment, stopping at Aldi's on the way back home for a jug of milk ($1.99-although the cashier warned me that it's about to go up to $2.49. No issue, I told him, as locally, the IGA sells milk for $5.49/gallon, and no, it's not organic!). I also stopped back at Dollar Tree for these:

6 more boxes of the food service brand cake mix that contains fat, so I only need eggs and water to mix up a quick batch of cupcakes for the kids. I figure that this would be an economical option for desserts this Summer.

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