Sunday, June 15, 2014

Taking advantage of this glorious weather


The clothes hung outside, overnight, are now inside, folded on the couch, awaiting until around supper time, when the rest of the day's laundry will join it. I got a load of whites done in warm, and out of the line early this morning. A batch of towels run late last night, were machine dried for 30 minutes before joining the whites outside to finish drying in this beautiful weather: warm, breezy-perfecr "sheet day." A final wash of colored clothes was done (DS #1's and his GF's) and that is also outside in the sun/breeze. Every few hours, I check on what is dry, pull it, bringing it inside to be folded. I noted already some mending that needs to be done, and with DS's permission, will attack some items for his GF,who is wearing a too big skirt, for example, pinned on the underside to make it fit. A quick seam run on my machine will take care of that nicely, and she won't have the discomfort of sitting on safety pins.

Breakfast was my special hazelnut coffee, that I reserve for Sunday's; free range organic eggs from the farm, artisian seeded rye toast that I buttered, OJ.

Lunch for one today: DD will join her twin younger brothers at Dad's for a Father's Day luncheon, for which she is bringing a cheese cake sampler that she bought at Stop and Shop. I already had a card for her to use.

Supper will be my usual ground turkey-ground beef meatloaf, using some homemade bread crumbs that I will whirl in the food processor, using some home amde bread ends that I let dry out first. I'll season and store any extra in a glass jar for future use. Sides will be a large tossed salad, freshly mashed potatoes and a vegetable to be determined. Half of last night's pie remains, along with some vanilla bean ice cream.

After lunch (leftover sloppy joes and mixed veg), I plan on doing something with the bananas that once I again I bought but they just sat. I am thinking banana-chocolate chip muffins or perhaps a sheet cake topped with coconut. Brownies may also be on the list.

Enjoy the day!

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