Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday supper

Sunday supper this weekend, with 2 guests joining us, providing extra sets of hands to help in the kitchen and dinign room as well. Menu: Crock Pot roasted turkey breast (my last one from Target @ 99/lb, now I await the next sale), gravy made from the pan drippings and the gravy mix that comes with the turkey breast; homemade stuffing (Aldi's bread shreds, mushrooms/celery/organic scallions sauteed in margaine, instant chicken bouillon, herb seasonings; a mixure of steamed carrots/organic sugar snap peas/frozen peas/frozen pearl onions in cream sauce/drained canned mushrooms topped with 2 pats margarine and some black pepper. Freshly brewed, decafinated, lemon herbal tea with lemon slices and organic mint. Salad made of lettuce, cabbage, tomatoe, cuke, basil, chic peas, red onion and served with choice of dressing.  Delicious!

Naturally, the remaining turkey was stripped off of the carcass which went right back into the Crock Pot along with the steamer water and some additional water to make a stock over night. Gravy was decanted to a plastic tub and frozen for perhaps a Fall turkey/chicken stew. What bit of veg was left was placed in a lunch sized tub along with some turkey and gravy for DD's work lunch on Monday.

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