Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer CSA 2014 # 1

Ahh! Back to CSA pickups! I am now picking up on Mondays. Today's first Summer share:

-a canvas tote bag-awesome!
-French radishes
-a huge bunch of Oregano
-a huge head of green lettuce
-a huge head of Red Simpson lettuce (my fav!)
-a large bunch of what they call "braising greens"-mostly Kale (2 varieities), some mustard greens, some Rainbow chard.



Belinda said...

Beautiful produce! How neat that they put in a canvas bag for you. :)

Catherine said...

A local farmer in our town is now offering a CSA. We had our first pick up today and am thrilled! I have to thank you, because I had never heard of a CSA until reading your blog!

CTMOM said...

Catherine, what state are you in?

CTMOM said...

Yes, this was a nice surprise! My first, beloved, organic CSA also gifted up with a bag, but they told us ahead of time that we'd be getting one. Nice perk! And yes, the food is so very fresh!

Catherine said...

Central CT.

CTMOM said...

Here's a link, if I hadn't shared it with you before: