Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer break: day 1

Raining most of the day, but the forecast was for this to preceed a cool and dry front of high pressure, which should rest over New England for at least a few days. Patience was the name of the game today. I first had a morning appointment with my gastro MD for a follow up, and to schedule some diagnostic tests, now that I'm the ripe old age of 50.

Since I was in the city, I stopped at Price Rite, where I bought: 1 jug cat  litter, 6 boxes Jello, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, stick margarine, a tub ice cream, 1 gallon milk, savoy cabbage,  swiss chard, 2 bags each: fzn peas, CA mix veg, mixed vegetables, 1 4 ct pkg marked down cubed steaks for the freezer.. I spent $36.22 debit

Once home, I prepared grilled honey ham (Aldi's) and cheese (loss leader at Stop and Shop: Kraft American slices @ 99 cents, limit 1) on marked down, dark pumpernickle rye bread. Choice of tea, lemonade, milk. As the afternoon wore on, it became obvious that the forecast was accurate. By 2 o'clock, this was the sky:

Just beautiful! so my backyard clothes line became this:

A load of colored clothes (the rest of the sheets were done as the monthly cleaning service was here yesterday, stripping beds as part of their work) was done, while I machine dried a batch of towels for 30 minutes before hanging those out at well. They will continue drying overnight, I'll cull them off the lines by midmorning tomorrow, when DS #1 is supposed to bring his laundry over.

Dinner tonight is a family favorite:  Only modification was that I added some leftover green beans on top. Large tossed salad with choice of dressings on the side.

Since the oven is on, I mashed up the brown peeled bananas and am making this:

House smells awesome! A/C is off, windows open, cool dry air pouring through. Perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Jealous of your laundry outside. Still have some trees spewing forth pollen. Hopefully they'll finish up over the weekend and I can get my wash outside to dry