Saturday, June 7, 2014



While not my backyard, the scene is similar. I "slept in" until 6:15 (it's all relative) and got a jump start on my day. Temps are supposed to hit the mid 80's so I wanted to accomplish quite a bit in the cool of the morning. I have 2 loads of clothes out on the line, with a third in the washer, ready to soon join them. The dishwasher is finally full enough to run, so that is going. A dozen eggs are hard boiling, coffee is brewing, and I'm about to have my bfst of OJ, coffee, and raisin bran. Then a quick shower and a trip over to the transfer station to drop off recycling and trash, then to continue driving over to the city. My sewing machine belt broke again last night (Grr .. . seemed that I just replaced it) and I need a few things at the grocer's.

Lunch today will be l/o pizza. Supper is to be burgers on the grill, a salad, baked beans.

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