Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Right place at the right time!

 Late morning appointment took me to the city South of here. On the way back, I was literally driving right past a Stop and Shop, so I figured it may be a good idea to look for any marked downs. Upon entering the store, I grabbed a flyer, and noted some store coupon deals (the OJ and cheese above). I also grabbed a qt of heavy cream as Jello and pudding are my cheap go to desserts come Summer. Add a dollop of home made, whipped cream, perhaps some sprinkles-done and it's a cold dessert on the cheap, compared to ice cream never mind frozen novelties.
 I chanced a look at the marked down section. This particular store keeps it all together: bakery and store label baked goods, along with crash and burn. Initially, nothing of interest in C & B but I did grab a $2 sliced Artisan loaf of garlic bread, a pkg of bakery sesame seeded sandwich rolls (for supper tonight), and 2 pies: blueberry, cherry. No way am I turning an oven on today.
 Unbelieveably, I found sirloin steaks marked down to $5.09. Over my $4 price point, but I figured this splurge would be perfect for the upcoming 4th of July. 6 steaks in total.  I also grabbed a pkg of ground beef @ $2.69/lb-cheaper than Aldi's fzn tubes I buy. Some is earmarked for tonight.
 Having just used the last of my frozen pork chops, I was pleased to grab a 4 ct pkg of center cut chops (my preference) and a 6 ct pkg of sirloin loin chops. Into the freezer they went.
 As I swung back to go to the check out, I decided to give C & B one more look through. I was glad that I did, as an employee had just dropped off a shopping cart full of C & B items! 4 cans coffee @ $1.29/can-cheaper than Aldi's, a pkg of 5 packets of Good seasoning, organic kidney beans, organic chic peas, canellini beans, refried beans, stewed tomatoes, Italian style bread crumbs, a cake mix, pineapple, pears, peaches, ziti pasta, a box of granola bars.
 Another reason that I wanted to stop here, was I knew that some of their 1 lb pkgs of fzn vegetables are on sale for $1. I grabbed 2 of each.
More crash n burn, this time on taxables: a 3 ct pkg of tissues 99 cents, a single box tissues, a large box ea of gallon storage and freezer bags.

$79.74 out the door. Considering I bought meat, this is fabulous!


Belinda said...

Great deals!! Good idea to stop in there to check. :)

Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

Great job! I have yet to find any 'crash and burn' that we would use. I do get lots of marked down meat (mainly sausage or beef) and I always check the reduced produce in our local produce market.

Nancy said...

Good job Carol! Do you have any GFS Marketplace locations near you? They have whole pork loins and other larger cuts of meat there that you could then cut to your own specifications. I know that here it is less expensive to buy pork that way than to purchase individual chops. And GFS has no membership fees!

CTMOM said...

No GFS around here. In the past, I have often bought whole pork loins (boneless) for $1.49-$2/lb. I fear what this Summer's pork prices will be. Meat in general is getting out of my budget. I am very careful so as to be able to continue to serve some.