Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On to plan B sometimes . . .


Off to work early as usual this morning, got some work done before proctoring 2 finals, only to receive a call from DD, who locked herself out of the house. Seems she left the house to go to work, only to go in, drop her keys on the kitchen table, take some RX she had forgotten about, and then go to her car, leaving all of her keys safely locked in the house. This was 10:45 in the morning, the earliest I could leave would be 11:30, and then home for 12:15. She called her boss, explained what happened, I came directly home, she left for work. Sigh.

I had planned on staying late at work, bringing my lunch with me. Instead, I brought it back home, ate, and then took a short nap. FedX guy came with a pkg for DD, then the landscappers. Update on the neighbor: I never did receive any quote for his fantastic crew-who appears to only show up every 2 weeks, on a Sunday morning (non regular business hours) so I assume that they are doing this on the side. Shrug. His lawn is far overgrown, mine is ship shape on a weekly basis. Charges are affordable for me as well. Since I was home, I was able to speak with the lawn guys and ask if they couldn't cut back some bamboo which gets really heavy when it rains/snows, bending down, over the driveway therefor making it difficult to drive in/out. I also asked that they weed wack on the side of the house, which should be a planting bed (LL never had wood chips put down as I requested)and is full of weeds. There is also a mystery vine which likes to grow up the side of the house, into the window screens. Happened last year, so I asked that they keep this clipped back/at bay. No hurry, they can do so next week. : )   As usual, I gifted them a beverage and a snack (homemade cupcakes and Koolaid-that's what I had) and I also asked if either would be interested in an ancient A/C that I just replaced. Works really well/cools, but the side loovered doors have cracked with age. I simply duct taped them last Summer. I saved and purchased a new A/C for my room so I had been looking to gift this to someone rather than trash it (wasteful as it can still serve a purpose) and it would cost me to do so. THe helper was thrilled to take it off my hands. Win-win situation.

Ran a mixed load of towels/colored clothes and ran them thru the dryer. Cold, rainy and damp here. Laundry from last night still not dry. Sun is now trying to come out, but the forecast isn't great. A cool front is supposed to blow thru Thurs/Fri BUT the weekend is supposed to be delightful again.

A quick salad of organic lettuce (2 types), organic French radishes and a store bought (Aldi's) beef steak tomato, to be served with choice of dressings will accompany 2 pizzas I am making tonight. DD works until 7, as does DS #1 and the GF. So dinner for 4 with planned overs. My own high schoolers are now on 1/2 day schedules as well, so no lunches to be made for them. Having some premade pizza to heat up  is an easy fix. Although I only have 1 exam tomorrow (due to my schedule), I will stay as late as I can, have lunch probably at work, and leave by early afternoon as I have my monthly hair appointment tomorrow.

Paid some bills to post tomorrow. I had started a log book to keep track of June (actually all Summer) expenses as this will be an ubber tight few months. 2 more paychecks and then the well is dry until Sept 15th. I do get child support once a month, which will help.

Expenses can and do go down come Summer. Just got the electric bill. $$122.69 last month (blame DS using the dryer while doing quite a bit of extra laundry). This bill: $108.63. I noted that last year, we used 36 kwh and the avg temp was 67. Cooler this year @ 65 but only using 19 kwt of electric. No dehumidifier, no A/C, no furnace (except to heat domestic hot water), hanging laundry, small appliance cooking, replaced the fridge, replaced the dish washer-you get the idea. Gas consumption is also lower. Previous econo car got 42 mpg, I now get 50. Yesterday's weekly top up: 5 gallons fuel. This will be a low/no grocery shopping week, as will the rest of the month. I have yet to tally my recent shopping sprees, but I already feel done for the month of June.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Just curious about this, as I know it can be done both ways around here: do you have the option of getting your checks paid out over 52 weeks a year, or do you only get them during the school year and then not at all in summer?

My choice would be a slightly smaller check but get it 52 weeks a year. I like to have my expenses as uniformly distributed as possible and have my fuel oil (which would be a very large bill in winter) on the budget plan. My electric is close summer or winter as we use window A/Cs and fans to cool the house. We find we need the extra comfort more than we did when we were younger.
Sleeping is ultra-important to continued good health.

Nancy said...

Carol You continue to be a real inspiration to me as I roll into those lean summer months myself.