Thursday, June 26, 2014

More medical stuff off the list, talking eggs

Annual gyno appointment this morning, no cost to me. On the way back home, I stopped and picked up 2 dozen, organic, free range eggs from someone I know who recently got chickens. $4/doz vs the $6 I have been paying. Cheap for CT prices. Awesome to find a better source.

On the way back North, I stopped at the car wash. The particular service I choose retails for $29.50 plus tax. I purchase vouchers around Christmas, so my actual out of pocket cost is more like $23. Nice savings there.

Back home, I have a load of colored clothes washing. Weather is trying to break, after high humidity and storms overnight. I may chance hanging it outside. A load of towels was later washed, machine dried 30 minutes and finished drying outside in the hot sum.

Bfst was very early this morning for me; OJ, coffee, 2 slices homemade honey wheat bread with a thin coat of peanut butter. Lunch is now cooking:  I am reheating a can of crash n burn refried beans aka "bean paste" as the kids call it, and some Organic kidney beans (crash and burn)have been simmered with the rest of the turkey breast leftover from Monday night's dinner out (I ate 1/2 the potatoes, all the salad, 1/3 of the turkey, 1/2 the stuffing on Mon. Wed found me finishing the potatoes, stuffing and another 1/3 of the meat. I then rinsed any remaining gravy off the rest of the leftover turkey and wrapped it for today)in some home made taco seasoning and water. I pulled the lettuce and tomato out of the leftover salad from last night (leaving the cukes, chic peas and Japanese salad turnips behind-most likely to appear in tonight's salad)and chopped them up. I added 1/2 of a freshly chopped tomato to the bowl of toppings. Homemade taco sauce, a baggie of a blend of hand shredded Cheddar and goat's milk Cheddar will also be offered. These tacos will be made with Dollar Tree soft tortillas. There are 2 pieces of cake left for the twin's dessert. Perfect. Use it before we lose it is our mantra! I also made a beverage: iced, lemon herbal tea with lemon slices and organic mint leaves, and just a pinch of sugar. I had this yesterday also, in the high heat and humidity, and really found it to be refreshing. I offered some to the landscappers, who also seemed to enjoy it.

Supper tonight will find me experimenting with the pasture raised, organic ground lamb I acquired thru my Spring CSA. I plan on mixing 2 Italian sausage links with it, some Italian bread crumbs, egg, milk, spices to mix up Italian meatballs to simmer in a spicy marinara, using a quart of organic CSA spicy marinara, diced tomatoes, fzn peppers and onions, additional spices, red wine.

These will be served over a mixture of penne rigate (not enough left in a box) and plain ziti. Parmesan on top, if desired.

 I also will serve a salad and the artisanal garlic bread I just bought on marked down.


~Carla~ said...

Mmm.. your dinner looks soo good!! :) $4.00 for free run eggs is a good price! It's insane how we have to pay more for "natural" and less for the "un-natural". *sigh*

Catherine said...

Looks good!