Monday, June 30, 2014

Marvelous Monday! and a new low fat, banana bread recipe

Up early this morning, strained and decanted the turkey stock into 2 quart and almost a full pint Mason jars. Letting these cool, then they will be frozen for future use. Keeping with the "cook in the cool of the morning" routine, I've prepared today's lunch already: 4 cups of Wacky mac (always bought on sale plus coupons), a rinsed and drained can of crash n burn Roman beans, the leftover 1/2  can of chic peas, 1/2 a can of CA black olives sliced, 3 organic scallions sliced, 2 sprigs celery with leaves sliced, one remaining link of Johnsonville Italian sausage with 3 cheeses that I cut up and pan fried a bit to give it color:

I mixed up a batch of my new Penzey's country French vinaigrette, using a free to me bottle of red wine vinegar, the last of a bottle of EVOO. I am finding that I prefer the lighter taste of vinaigrettes made with Canola or other salad/vegetable oils. Still, EVOO, although expensive, is a healthy oil to cook with. Lunch is now marinating it's flavors in the refrigerator:

I am planning on serving pickles, and sliced tomatoes alongside. I am hoping for leftovers to carry into tomorrow. DS #1 and GF will be here for lunch today, so that's up in the air.

Baking off a loaf of low fat, banana bread, tyring this recpe for the first time. I did adjust the recipe a bit, adding 1 tsp Penzey's baking spice and 1/4 cup chopped pecans:


I had a typical breakfast this morning: OJ, coffee, homemade honey wheat bread made into peanut butter toast. Already just after 9 and I've got more on deck before the temperatures soar and the humidity climbs! Laundry (DS #1's) was hung out last night, is most likely now dried and ready to be brought in. Not sure that I have enough to do another load of colored clothes today, if so, out on the lines it will go.

Supper will be easy tonight: homemade ground chicken burgers on rolls with choice of condiments, tossed salad with choice of dressing, side vegetable to be determined. It's CSA pick up day, so I never know what will be in the share!


Ms. Sandie Apuzzo said...

Sounds like a great day today for you. I was in Big Y this evening, and was looking at the 'crash and burn' and had some questions. Do you have go to prices? They had some family size campbells tomato soup that I was interested in, both were dented by the rim. They were marked 1.69 and I didn't know if this was a good price, and how dented is to dented. Thanks for your input!

CTMOM said...

Yes, I have "price book" costs in my head. For example, I pay 49 cents/can for tomato soup at Aldi's. I'd compare the ounces of the family size can to the cost that I pay for the reg. sized cans at Aldi's and make a determination. Crash n burn products can be a contaversial topic. Look for no bulging lids, no rust, leaks obviously and no dings on the seam, which can jeopordize the contents safety. A good analogy is what a can would look like if it simply fell off of your shelf. I hope that helps.