Saturday, June 7, 2014

Just a busy week!

All is well, just a crazy week, as the school year winds down, with final exams looming. Tuesday was a long day, as we had an early evening, awards ceremony at work. Got home by 7:30 p.m., thankfully.

Because of this evening function, I switched "dinner with Dad" from the usual Wed to Tues, so the kids were covered and I didn't have to deal with coming home to get them fed, I just stayed at work. Tuesday's dinner plan was pushed to Wed: planned overs, using Sunday's herb crusted eye of the round roast, the homemade beef stock I made from the pan drippings, canned mushrooms, canned at the organic farm garlic, lite sour cream, black pepper, paprika, a bag of egg noodles, a can of "healthy choice style" cr of mushoom soup. I served canned beets on the side, a large tossed salad with choice of dressing.

Wed was also my PT night (moved from Tues) and I saw my lead PT, who believes that the residual issues that I am having with my right shoulder (rotator cuff repair) are due to it being from a trauma and some issues with my clavical not aligning. She did some different stretches on me. She is sending a report to the surgeon, who I see on Mon for a follow up, and to set up upcoming surgery on my right hand.

Thursday: dept meeting after work, and the plumber was to show up. He calls me, "there is no key left where you told me it would be." I told him that I placed it there myself @ 6:15 a.m. and unless special needs kid took it back for some reason (it was his house key), I don't know what happened. Regardless, my college age son would be there, if not there already. Look for his red car. "There was a car there, I knocked, no one answered." "Are you still there?" "No." "Well, go back. If the red car is there, my son IS there and can let you in. Perhaps he was in the restroom or down cellar. I will hang up now and call him and advise that you are on your way." @@    So, plumber found his way back, son met him, leaking water pipe down cellar fixed but not the leaking sink faucets. Plumber told DS that he only had authorization to repair the pipe. Sigh. At least that was taken care of.

 An easy supper had been planned: ground turkey (substituted for the originally planned, fzn, chopped turkey that I had already used up), crash n burn organic black bean tacos on flour tortillas with the leftover salad greens from Wed (forgot to hold aside some lettuce for tacos) and the l/o tomato from that same, aforementioned salad with an additional, chopped up tomato, lite sour cream, homemade taco sauce, combination of shredded Cheddar and goats milk Cheddar (some of the kids found it to be too "goaty" but in a blend it was OK, and since these were heavily spiced, the goat milk taste was disguised). Side of fzn, organic butter and sugar corn that I put up last Summer. Working on eating stuff down, making room for new items. Also managed to poach 5 previously fzn, chicken thighs for sandwiches/salad toppings this weekend. Temps are supposed to soar into the 80's but it will be DRY. : )

Friday: After work found me at the dentist for my usual cleaning and to check on 2 areas of concern. I had bitten down hard on a fork and slightly chipped my front tooth (felt like I broke the whole tooth off! ouch!) as well as a spot between some dental fillings that tends to trap food. This is a chronic repair area. Turns out it's been done 3 times since 2002. So I return on the 16th to get those 2 areas addressed. Meanwhile, I asked them to send a pretreatment estimate. Although my HSA/high deductible plan covers all medical, dental is another category. I still have funds in my HSA to cover any out of pocket expense, and I can go on a payment plan as needed.

Returning home, I stopped at the organic farm to pick up some free range eggs($6), a huge head of lettuce ($2.50), a bag of mixed salad green ($5), and rhubarb that I had requested. I did have to find a farm hand (also female!) who grabbed a bin of rhubard b out of the cooler for me. No price was known, so she got the owner farmer, who came over and told me $3/lb-far less than what I splurged on/paid last weekend at the pricey IGA as I wanted a strawberry-rhubarb pie for Sunday supper. This is organic, totally local and fresh rhubarb for 1/2 the price!  Supper ended up being a treat: take out pizza from the Greek pizzeria we like. College boy and GF joined DD and myself. I gifted some leftover pizza to CB and kept some for DD and myself for our lunches today. (Sat) I also managed to boil down the previously mentioned chicken thigh bones and skin, in the same water that they were poached in. I strained and then decanted this free stock, into one quart and 1 pint Mason jar, placed later in the fridge. Not soup weather, but having homemade stock in the freezer is awesome.


DW said...

So, did you find your house key? Or did the plumber just overlook it?

CTMOM said...

DS # 1 came over, as I had asked him to, once he had dropped his GF off at work. Since he wasn't working, he would be able to be there, with his brothers. The plumber gave me a window of time for arrival (1-4) and I knew that DS would be there by 2:15. I got a call shortly after 2 (I was in a meeting after work), and told the plumber to go back, if the red car was there, then DS was there (he was in the restoom). DS used the key to enter the house and kept it in his pocket, so we have his brother's key, the plumber fixed the leaking pipe. Just some added drama!