Sunday, June 15, 2014

July 2014 menus


Mid month, so time to plan next month's menus, this time round, keeping in mind that these will have to be easy to prepare meals, often ones that can be done in advance, as DD will continue to work, and often won't be available come dinner hour.

1-ground turkey burgers (use fzn meat), veg
2-l/o (surgery day which is also Wed night dinner with Dad. It'll be just me and DD, with perhaps older son coming over to check on Mom. I'll still be eating somewhat lightly, based on what I can tolerate. I normally do very well, post operatively)
3-boxed mac n cheese with tuna mixed in, veg
4-grilled hotdogs on buns (buy rolls), canned baked beans, coleslaw
5-grilled BSCB (marinate in Italian dressing) over salad
6-CP Italian meatballs (homemade fzn) in marinara, penne pasta, veg
7-baked salmon (use fzn), brown rice, veg
8-CP turkey (use fzn ground)-pinto bean (use pkg of precooked and fzn) chilli
10-ham fried rice (use fzn ham cubes), pineapple tidbits, fzn onion-pepper stir fry mix
13-grilled, marinated pork tenderloins, buttered noodles, apple sauce, veg
14-tuna casserole
15-grilled BSCB (marinate in Ital dressing) over buttered wacky mac, veg
17-spaghetti with meat sauce (use CP and 8 oz grnd beef-fzn), veg
18-tacos (use canned refried beans, canned beans,fzn ground turkey) on tortillas with tomato/lettuce/cheese/taco sauce; fzn corn
20-pan sauteed turkey cutlets in a mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes (use instant if needed), veg
21-oven baked chicken drums (make extra for tomorrow), buttered noodles, veg
22-planned overs: cold chicken, veg, salad
24-CP vegetarian pasta sauce (use fzn zuke cubes, chic pea-soak dried overnight, boil until soft), over farfalle; salad
27-chicken-apple sausage (fzn)-kale (fzn) quiche (use fzn shredded cheese), veg, salad
28-CP chicken cacciatore (use fzn chicken drums/thighs), brown rice
29-planned overs: l.o cacciatore sauce with shredded chicken folded in, served over spaghetti; salad
31-hot dog (fzn) casserole, coleslaw, veg

Depending upon what my Monday organic CSA share pickup includes, vegetables will mostly be determined on Monday's, using more perishable items first. Salads also will be available daily, depending upon the share, if not, I will keep cabbage and Romaine from the store on hand.

These menus are very do-able, bulk of items needed are already on hand.

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