Friday, June 27, 2014

Icky laundry issue


I wash bed sheets weekly. Once the weather warms up, we switched to our Summer sheets, most of which are vintage, 100% cotton that I treasure. New issue lately: both teen sons sheets (top sheet and pillow case) are yellowing, a greasy yellow stain towards the top of the top sheet, and on the pillow case. Brings to mind the Tide detergent "body soil" commercials of a few years back.

I wash in warm water (have for years) if they are white (most of these vintage cotton ones are), use bleach, and line dry in the bright sun. Recently have been using Tide aka "the good stuff" vs whatever I get on sale, which is usually Purex, although when the Tide ran out yesterday, I grabbed Wisk out of the cabinet.

This is simply gross! Thoughts? I turn down their bedspreads, and although they each have lighter blankets, usually they aren't using those either, as it's been hot. Clearly they are sweating at night-a good soak in some detergent? washing soda? Oxi powder?


Lili said...

It's teen boy sweat. We've been through that here. Sweat actually bonds to fibers, over time. Try a paste of borax mixed with warm water, rubbed into the stains. Let stand 20 minutes or so, then rinse stains in warm water repeatedly. It might take a few applications like this. Eventually, my son's white pillowcases looked a lot better. You can also try Oxy-clean or washing soda. Just avoid bleach on these stains. Continued chlorine bleach will only further cause yellowing with many bio stains. For future laundry, add borax instead of bleach.

CTMOM said...

I don't recall this being such an issue with my older son, and he certainly sweats (football player). My sons all shower before bed, so they are retiring for the night, in clean condition. Just ick. I've brought today's laundry in, plan on doing an overnight soak in the washer, using Oxi.I do also have washing soda and borax on hand, as well as Fels-Naptha which I use on stains. I had been pretreating with LA's Amazing orange degreaser (excellent laundry spot remover, BTW) and only $1 at Dollar Tree.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I don't have teenage boys, but my favorite way of bleaching out any stains is sunlight. Try to leave the yellowed items in the sun for a couple days in a row and they usually get much improved. Works on spaghetti sauce stains, too. I don't like to use bleach because it inevitably gets splashed on a favorite piece of clothing and then there isn't much you can do with it.

Nelle Bennett said...

Soak in hot water with Oxyclean and dishwasher detergent to cut the greasy component.