Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How I dry clothes on a humid day

The windows are closed, the shades, drapes/curtains drawn, the ceiling fans running, creating a nice breeze below. Although I have freshly laundered clothing to dry, I do not turn to my dryer, just because it's humid out and we have showers in the forecast. Instead, I capitalize on this breezy environment:

 3 clothes horses have clothes drying below the fans,

with additional items that are stored on hangers in closets once dry, drying on their hangers, also located in an area that gets a lot of the breeze off of the fans.

Dinner for 2 tonight, I will scrounge something up, hoping to use up more leftovers, add a tossed salad.

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Anonymous said...

We do it similar, except we dry in the basement. We set up 2 box fans on the floor near the racks. Also I don't load up the racks like in the winter months since it's not heated down there in the summer.

Otherwise I watch the weather and try to do big batches when it's not so humid (I have 3sets of sheets per bed & don't care if they match)