Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting ready, this weekend's shopping trips


Yesterday was like a typical Summer day, up early, got the more physical chores done in the cool of the morning, and then I headed out. First stop was the transfer station:

-$2.20 fee for 2 weeks of garbage (@ 20 cents/lb so 11 lbs worth)=2 13 gallon, tall kitchen bags. I also dropped off the recycling @ 4 similar bags worth plus some cardboard
-$25 fee for a new sticker (covers July 1-June 30th) Since I was there, I bought one, knowing that it was on my list of things to do.

Next stop: Stop and Shop, where I got the following: a marked down lemon crunch pie (DS # 3's favorite!), a pkg of marked down Kaiser rolls, qt buttermilk, a pkg of Kraft Amer cheese slices (@ 99 cents/limit 1 pkg, it was a good deal since we're entering burger season), 5 2 l bottles soda, 2 bags Hazelnut coffee (after sale + cpn was cheaper than Aldi's prices), 3 jars mayo (sale + cpn deals), 6 15 oz cans marked down Mexican style stewed tomatoes (I normally used the diced tomato version for my arroz con pollo. At 49 cents can, I can chop these up myself.), 12 cans store brand 29 oz diced tomatoes @ 77 cents (we're down to one jar of homemade salsa. Making more is on my list and this is an awesome price), 6 cans each of 29 oz store brand tomato puree and stewed tomatoes (I serve pasta often as lunch in Summer), 1 box store brand farfalle (marked down to 50 cents but I now see that the discounted price wasn't given. Gotta go back to the store with this. I was charged the usual price of 99 cents, but now they will have to reimburse me that and I get the item free, per CT state consumer protection laws), 1 bottle Snuggle liquid softener (sale plus cpn deal), 4 bottles VO5 shampoo @ 75 cents, 1 bottle Tresemme color care shampoo (large cpn), 1 bottle Suave conditioner (cpn), 2 family pkgs of chicken thighs @ 99 cents/lb (now divided into 4 meal sized portions and fzn), 2 lbs strawberries, 2 pkgs mushrooms @ 99 cents, pint grape tomatoes @ 99 cents (another loss leader deal). I spent $77.71 debit.

Next: Aldi's, where I got the following:
4 cans chunk lite tuna, 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 2 fzn OJ, bologna, 1 tub roast beef, 1 tub roast turkey breast,  1 3 ct beef steak tomatoes, bag of Vidalia onions, citronella candle (to be tallied under household), 2 tubes fzn ground beef ($2.99/lb), 2 cans no fat refried beans (gotta make some and freeze),  a bag of lemons (to be sliced and fzn for Summer drinks), 4 pkgs sliced sandwich cheese (Provolone, Munster, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss), 2 lbs carrots (the ones at S & S in the value, 5 lb bag were OLD), celery, 2 pkgs pie crusts, 2 bottles Mango-Passion fruit juice (special price for clearance), 1 box each "honey nut" and regular "cheerios," 2 pkgs onion rolls @ 99 cents special price, 2 pkgs hamburger buns. I spent $58.26 CASH

Next: Dollar Tree, where I got the following:
-a yellow cake mix (only requires eggs and water, not fat as it's in the mix. I got one to try today, if deemed OK, I may get more as not using oil is a cost savings), 2 pkgs Knorr chicken flavored noodle mix (used  a 50 cent coupon on top), a set of swim goggles for one kidlet (which I'll be reimbursed for), 2 pkgs tortillas, 4 bags fzn strawberries (work very well in strawberry-rhubrab pie), 2 pkgs mixed berries (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries)-thinking cobbler/crisp, 2 8 ct medium eggs (my go to now in baking). I spent $15.56 CASH

Next: Jo Ann fabrics for 2 (want to keep a spare on hand) replacement belt kits for my Featherweight Singer sewing machine-my work horse. I asked for my teacher's discount @ 15% off, and saved 99 cents (and the tax that would have been applied so $1.06 actually), spending $5.94 on the 2 kits. I used Debit.

Final stop: Shoprite where I bought the following: 2 8 ct pkgs Dial soap (sale), a tub of ice cream (sale), 1 lb cold cuts, and just under 4 lbs of cheese ends (I pay $2.79 for these ends, once home, I sort them by type, hand shred (my preference) and store in labeled baggies in the freezer. Quality, real cheese at an affordable price (I limit cheese usually to $4/lb, exception being my beloved, aged NY state sharp Cheddar which sometimes is on sale @ under $6/lb. Good stuff!). Yesterday, I ended up with Provolone (a qt baggie full), a small end of Munster to add to a bag partially filled in the freezer, 2 qt sized baggies of now mixed, Baby Swiss and Swiss cheeses. Awesome! Quiches, casseroles, omelettes, pizzas . . .spent $27.79.

I have 7 more working days this academic year, with exams starting in 2 days. Tomorrow, I should find out my surgery date for my hand, and can work that into my calendar of getting things done this Summer. I have numerous appointments already scheduled, but can rework them, as needed. (allergist, dermatologist, gynocologist, Mammogram, gastro MD and upcoming tests, etc.  I've needed this hand surgery for 2 Summers now, kept getting pushed off. Gotta do it now, especially as we've hit the high deductible for the year, which is extended to the end of August. All costs associated with the surgery will be covered 100%. Upcoming (although will be very limited per the surgeon, just gotta learn how to reuse my hand)OT will not be covered as I am now out of benefit. Should I have OT after Aug 31st, it would count towards our new "year" until we hit $4000 again as a family, but I would again have 50 calendar days of benefit (Sept 1-Aug 31). Effective Sept 1, I will have $2000 deposited into my HSA account to cover this out of pocket deductible and I will deposit an additional $3000 over the course of next year, allowing a cushion as in year 3 of this contract, our deductible shoots up to $6000/family, with my portion being $3000. We have no idea if our employer will continue to cover half or any of that high deductible HSA. I am assuming NOT, and am planning ahead. In year 3, I will place $4000 into my account. I know that these funds will never be "lost" to the government, for example, as would happen with a FSA (flexible savings) and remain in my name as long as they are used for medical expenditures.

Sunday Supper today will be a Crock Pot rotisserie style chicken, tossed salad with choice of dressing, a side dish that I call "braised celery" which is basically a sauteed mixture of celery cut on the bias, mixed with pepper strips (I have a red pepper that is turning and a yellow one that is fine), onion strips. It makes for a colorful, and economical dish. Strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert.

Laundry is once again calling, I asked DS #1 to bring his over last night, as today will again be an excellent, line drying day. My wash is caught up, until the twins bring their's home this afternoon. I have mending also needing my attention, once I fix the machine, now that I have the replacement belt.

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