Monday, June 2, 2014

Fish on Monday

 A large tossed salad, with choice of dressing,
Canned green beans, will accompany a crabmeat-scallion-Swiss cheese crustless quiche that I am baking off, using a fresh batch of homemade "bisquick" that I pulled together this afternoon.

 This used the last can of crabmeat I had in the cupboard-an expensive treat item. It may not reappear for some time.I also used one of 2 baggies I had in the freezer, of shredded Deli ends (this time it was all Swiss. Made a mental note to return to SR and get more deli ends soon) I also made more iced, green tea as well as a 2 lb loaf of white bread for DS # 1 to take home with him later tonight.

I put the "all call" out last night to DX and he sent over some dry goods as well as some freezer items for DS yesterday. Both DS and GF were quite happy. Between what I had already gifted them and the latest acquisitions, they are set for at least a few weeks, longer if they are mindful. I told them to continue to eat supper here, when their work schedule allows.

Heard back finally from HR, gotta file some paperwork and get an issue straightened away. With only 2 paychecks left this academic year, it's imperative that this quickly get sorted out.

I emailed the LL again, telling her that I never received any communication from the plumber, and here's my phone number, in case that was the issue (inferring a wrong number was given out). She replied to call the plumber directly, giving me the contact info. I called and made arrangements for this Thursday-a full week after the leak was initially discovered. @@

Paid some $ towards a retirement as well as a baby gift for co-workers. $35. Ignored a solicitation e-mail seeking someone to bake for a mini baby shower after a meeting this week. Nope, I didn't bite. I've cooked/baked enough this year. Someone else can this time around. The constant hand out to collect $- This meant that I can not go to the retirement luncheon (would be an additional $20 I can't spare, even though that would be an awesome price for a lunch at this particular restaurant). At lunch, another co-worker announced that she is taking up a collection for a tech that works with us. Looking for $10. No, sorry, my purse strings are shut. I already tossed in some money at Xmas for this gentleman. Enough is enough.


Marcia said...

At times like this, I always remind myself that "charity begins at home." You are helping your son and his GF more than you normally do, so there is your charity for this month. The co-workers will have to do without. I have found myself unable to give as much to charity as we like, since helping DGD with school expenses. She is now a graduate (which I explained to her means "unemployed.") She has spent the last two days on housecleaning--her roommate teaches at a parochial high school, so they have similar schedules, but her roommate is less inclined to clean. As long as she continues to bake, DGD will clean!! Some of her mother's teaching has obviously worked as I'm sure she never cleaned much of anything when she was at home.

Bargain Mom said...

Your tossed salad looks yummy. Love making crustless quiches, especially since I just can't get pie crust right.
I'm amazed at the price of seafood these days. Thankful my kids like trout and are good fishermen, hubby and I don't care for it but that's ok.
Hopefully a good sale will come soon on your beloved crabmeat.

Does you son & GF use coupons? Is their dilemma low wages & coat of living or low wages & getting enough hours? Does her family help them out at all? Seems a shame they struggle on basics.

Belinda said...

I agree, enough is enough. Good for you!!

Linda said...

Getting a bit worried as you have not posted since Monday -- really hoping everything is OK with you and yours. Linda