Sunday, June 29, 2014

First response back from the Landlord about the stinging insects . .and a new development


Here's the reply from the LL: 

I have used Raid wasp and hornet spray with good results. If you spray them early in the morning or in the evening most will be in the nest so you get good results. 
I had wasps in my attic last year and the Raid did a good job. The spray pretty much kills on contact and you can spray from a good distance away." 

I just wrote her back: 

"Last week, I had my older son come over and do just that, using a can of Terminix brand wasp/hornet spray, hoping that this would resolve the issue and I wouldn't have to contact you. 

It looks like one of the nests(located on side of house, towards rear deck) which was in the honey comb stage may* be left alone for now by the insects. The "paper" covered paperwasp nest at the peak of the roof in the front may*/not be still active. A similar one near the oil tank IS active and remains a concern. 

THe carpenter wasps/bees that have returned to the garage appear to be entering both the front facade above the doors as well as the side that faces the street. I continue to see them flying in/out. They are nesting deep inside the narrow tunnels that they are making, it's too dangerous for us to go near these burrows. 

Can you contact an exterminator? Please advise, thank you." 

Note that I asked AGAIN for her to contact an extreminator. Also, I used the opportunity to reference my older son coming over (who she was told is my DD's boyfried by meddling neighbor@@). I never did say anything to her about that. 

Again, I wait.

A new development: Looks like my neighbor is having a similar issue. Here's the e-mail I just sent:

I've contacted T. about paper wasps under the eaves of my place as well as what appears to be a significant carpenter wasp infestation in my garage. Both were issues that T. had taken care of prior to my tenancy 2 years ago. Her initial response was to try spraying Raid, which I had my older son come over and do one evening when it was dark. Of the 3 paperwasp nests, one clearly remains active, the other 2, I can't tell. I've again asked her to contact her exterminator, and I await her reply.

In surveying the main house this morning, I noted a lot of what appeared to be wasps (look like the same carpenter wasps I have) flying about over the doorway area with some crawling up under the actual clapboards above the garage doors at your place. It may be a good idea to check out the entire perimeter of the cottage. You would want to look for signs such as fresh sawdust and/or burrowing holes in the wood, as well as any nests.  I do know that extermination took place over there 2 years ago, I am not sure for which type insects.

You may wish to also contact T. about this. Good luck.

*Note how I snuck in that DS # 1 was called to come over here and take care of it. He is NOT DD's boyfriend. @@

Here's communication between the neighbor and myself:

Thanks Carol,

The problem I am having is spiders. I have received a couple nasty bites. I will inspect the place for Paper Wasps, also. When you say Carpenter Wasps do you mean the bee's that make perfectly round 1/4 inch holes? They are difficult to get rid of without an exterminator. I have baby birds chirping in the attic/eave, too...

Good Luck,

My follow up:

Ick, sorry for the multiple issues you are having. Carpenter WASPS are much like carpenter bees. Both drill holes in wood, sting. If we both contact T. on this, hopefully she will agree to an exterminator. BTW-nothing in my lease specifies anything about this BUT CT state Landlord tenent laws are quite clear:

Landlord is responsible for safety issues and infestations.
Keep me posted, and I'll do the same, should you hear from T.


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