Friday, June 20, 2014

Fabulous Friday and weekend birthday celebration

As anticipated, a delightful, cool and dry weather front has blown into CT. Temps are in the 50's, expected to climb into the 70's-perfect in my book, as I do  not like the heat. Laundry is already on the line, placed there late yesterday,and will be brought in come mid morning.

With this cooler weather, comes along the opportunity to push some "Winter foods" that simply need to go, such as the packet oatmeal. I recently gifted some to DS #1, but kept 2 boxes of it. So far, kidlet # 3 and I have had some.  He chose tea with his bfst, I had OJ, 2 cups of coffee and the remaining, canned pears. Lunch will be the soup lingering in the fridge, crackers.

Crock Pot is going with a homemade meat sauce, to be served over spaghetti. I started with just 2 links of Aldi's Italian style sausages (fzn in that amount), and pan fried that off into crumbles. I added the following to the CP: a 29 oz can of tomato puree, a pint of home canned organic tomatoes, red wine, the rest of an organic grass fed "ham steak" that tasted more like fresh ham than a cured ham product so I am treating this like I would a leftover pork chop-I removed the meat from the bone and pulsed it into crumbles in the food processor, I also added the bone to the CP for it's nutritious marrow (to be removed prior to serving, of course), Bay leaf, garlic spice seasoning (Mrs Dash), black pepper, celery, onion, red/yellow/green peppers. This will cook all day; supper is a bit earlier than usual, to accomodate DS's GF' work schedule.

I will serve a large tossed salad on the side, with choice of dressings as well as some sauteed Swiss Chard.

Banana cake for dessert seekers will be available.

I also plan on baking some bread, a task that has been pushed aside (we ate other forms of bread), due to the high humidity and heat we recently had.

I'm dealing with some medical insurance concerns, reaching out to my liaison at the insurance company in order to address them ahead of time, before they turn into outright issues. Later this morning, I plan on placing several phone calls and setting up some additional medical appointments this Summer, prior to the magic date of Sept 1, when my new plan year kicks in. A few of the needed appointments would be covered in full, regardless of the date (mammogram, well woman gyno appointment, kids' physicals) but others (dermatologist, allergist) would not be-so I have to take advantage of having hit our deductible and max this window of time for freebies out. I am also riding both DD and DS #1 about getting their appointments addressed within this time frame.  I have been very clear with DD that she is responsible for anything out of pocket, medically. I will cover DS #1 at this point. at least until his next birthday. Ditto the cell phone for him.

This is the twins' birthday weekend (Sun officially) and they each have chosen a meal out. Fine, I budget for that. Home made cake to be eaten at home. Perfect. We await DS #1 and GF's work schedules so that we can determine when we will go out, trying to accomodate them so that they can join us. I hope to know by tonight. Meanwhile, I am winging it as far as menus go, using what is on hand, what needs to be used up.

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