Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crock Pot Tuesday: Pork chops!

Crock Pot Tuesday, which is a blessing as temps hit low 90's and it's humid. The rental only has A/C in the bedrooms (not DD's "room") so we rely on open windows, fans, and try not to generate extra heat in the kitchen.  Knowing that DS # 1 and the GF would be joining us, I unearthed my last 2 pkgs of pork chops (4 ct, 2 ct baggies) that were both bought on marked down at one point. I broiled them to defat them a bit and to give them some color, then placed them in the CP on "warm" until I returned home around lunch time, at which time I sliced an onion, and placed that on top of the chops, and covered this with a can of cream of mushroom soup that was mixed with just 1/2 a can of milk. Penzey's Bavarian seasoning joined the party.

We have been on 1/2 day schedule, due to semester exams. I budgeted my time for my correcting, leaving just loose ends for the last day. I arrived at work @ 7 a.m., determined to finish my grading, and grade reports. Glad to report that I met my goal. Colleagues, naturally were also working to wrap things up. One inquired if I wanted to order in. As usual, I toted toast, coffee, fruit (organic berries I picked yesterday), a yogurt, a granola bar. I had enough to tide me over before I could get home. I have no cash on me, and didn't even entertain the idea of spending approx $15 on a sandwich to be delivered. I declined, reminding my co-workers that my own children were going to be home early, and that we had medical appointments. Fine. I simply can't afford such small luxuries. Once home, I had leftovers: sloppy joes on hamburger buns, mixed vegetables mixed with the peas/mushroom/pearl onions, creating a newly seasoned "mixed vegetable" dish. It worked, it was cooked and payed for. No food wasted, no additional cost for me.

Sides for tonight's supper: mashed potatoes, canned beets, home made coleslaw. Here's my recipe:


Other than some reports, my work is done (grades in and verified). Tomorrow is a half day with many students not planning on attending. Keeping it simple as we transition to Summer.

I had my shoulder PT tonight and was able to speak with my former OT, whose services will be again engaged, 6 weeks following my hand surgery. I wanted to hear directly from her, what to expect in therapy. As the MD told me, it'll be basically learning to use my hand in it's fixed position for daily activities, protecting the surgical repairs in the process, helping any possible swelling I may have post operatively. I know what I am in for, this will be my third surgery on this hand. Gotta get it fixed once and for all.

On the way back home, we stopped in at Price Rite for 2 jugs of milk ($5.38 total debit card) and later, a gas station for my weekly top up (4.9 gallons $19.38-credit card). Once home, I also paid my CC bill, due today, thru an electronic transfer from my checking account. $1388.40-paid in full as usual).

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Lili said...

Carol, good work on being prepared for the inevitable colleague inquiring about getting delivery on a sandwich. I get that for some folks, that $8-10 for delivery isn't a budget-breaker. So, it always helps to have a pat answer and plan.

I try to do that too -- anticipate the inevitable. For me, it's more like I'm out running errands, maybe with one or two of the kids. I usually suggest everyone grab a snack to go. Then, if we see really tempting things along the way, we can brainstorm how to make something equally satisfying once we're home.