Wednesday, June 11, 2014

About 2 weeks


Is what I have left until my upcoming thumb fusion surgery, July 2. My cast is supposed to be a short one, much like this gentleman is sporting. Have to wait and see what the MD ends up doing. Recovery is promised to be much easier than my 2 recent rotator cuff surgeries. While I will be on narcotics, I won't be able to drive. Once I've weaned off of them, I am cleared to drive, thankfully. The not driving was the worst part of my shoulder recoveries.

So, I am actively in the planning ahead mode:
-RX picked up at pharmacy
-generic "Advil" on hand
-easy to dress clothes on hand (Summers off from work, so fashion isn't vital!)

Been through 2 thumb surgeries on my right hand, so with this third one, I understand the limitations. Kids will have to step up to the plate and help with daily chores, cooking, errands etc. It'll be fine.

Next up: simple menu plan for 6 weeks, using what is on hand, what the kids and I (with my limitations) will be able to get on the table. Must be varied as well as nutritious, too.

Planning ahead, I anticipate starting OT in mid August (back to work is 8/25), most likely twice a week. Will be much reduced compared to what I previously experienced as the focus of this recovery will be learning to use my hand, with a fused thumb. There simply is no other choice left for me, we tried the second surgery as a stopgap measure, hoping that it would take, knowing that there is a high failure rate. Increased pain and the desire not to hurt my joint replacement pushed me to doing the fusion. I would have done this in 2013 but my shoulder took priority.

Menus to follow

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Lena said...

Oh, I wish you a quick and smooth recovery!