Saturday, June 21, 2014

A busy Saturday!

After sleeping in a bit, I was up early and hung 2 loads of college boy's wash outside. I got ready, had breakfast (yogurt, OJ, coffee, fruit salad) and hit the road with one kidlet, who had a commitment to attend. While he was busy there, since I was closeby, I went over to Shoprite, as I discovered a 99 cents/dozen large eggs Shoprite canelina coupon in  my coupon box, and I wanted to take advantage of that. Cheapest price for large eggs is $1.69 @ Aldi's.  I also had some coupons in hand to see if I could get any deals as well. I lucked out on some yellow stickered, turkey sausage:

so today's afternoon plans changed a bit. I also bought 2 pkgs Ball Park beef hot dogs on sale @ $2.50, a bottle of horseradish, 2 VO5 shampoo (99 cents sale plus applied a $1/2 bottles coupon so 49 cents plus tax-awesome deal!). I spent $16.78.

Back to collect kidlet, then as we traveled back home, I made 2 stops: Aldi for a jug of milk and 2 rolls of fzn ground turkey. I spent $5.37.

Final stop: Dollar Tree (same shopping plaza) for 2 bags of tater tots and 4 boxes of dish washer powder. Although I e-mailed Finish company's website, I never heard back. I am planning on using the watery Finish to scrub out toilet bowls and just be done with it. It was gifted to me, so no financial loss directly, just bummed that it's a waste product, and leaves grit all over the dishes that I end up handwashing or running through a second time-now THAT is not very frugal. What is frugal, is the awesome D/W detergent above. Works awesome and at $1/box, I'll keep using it.

Once home, I set to making lunch:

Only 4 leftover (not yet cooked) hotdogs and 3 people to feed (I normally serve 2 hot dogs/person), so beanies and weanies it was! Cooked in the countertop, mini convection oven to save electricity, I also stirred in some fzn chopped onions and peppers, along with a good squirt of ketchup. It was good. I have leftovers for 2 more servings.Not bad.

I checked my e-mail and learned the the organic CSA sent out a news bite to all members to come on over and pick a freebie pint of strawberries. I went over there, and did just that, also taking the opportunity to get more free range, organic eggs (thinking Sunday bfst).

This afternoon found me in the kitchen:

 Egg and olive salad for tonight's supper sandwiches. (color looks aweful in this photo!) Since I used up the already hard boiled eggs, I grabbed 12 more medium eggs and hard boiled them for this upcoming week. (see covered sauce pan below)
 I prepared the berries, then made some whipped cream.
 An oldie but a goodie: Bisquick (used my own version of the mix) shortcakes. I plan on serving fresh strawberry-blueberry shortcakes for dessert.
 We were out of bread, so the machine ran a batch of dough. Once that was set in a greased loaf pan to rise, a second batch of dough was run (so as to gift college boy with a loaf to take home).

Unexpected big project: 52 good sized, Italian meatballs, cooling off, and soon to be packaged in 6 meal sized prortions for the freezer (plus a baggie with just 4). I spent $10.64 on the 4 lbs of meat used. This averages out to $1.77/meal for the meat (not including the additional ingredients used to make the meatballs). Meat has gotten so expensive. I'd be foolish not to pick up the marked downs and make some frozen assets, especially with my upcoming surgery, which will put my hand out of commission.


DW said...

You have had a busy day! Good deal on the markdown sausage. The price has gone sky high (like everything else, it seems).

FYI: Reckitt Benckiser's phone number is 1-800-228-4722. Maybe you can talk to a human about that Finish.

Anonymous said...

Very busy Saturday! Nice Job on the deals

judyanne smith said...

I managed to find three packs of marked down ground meat tonight at shoprite so I grabbed them. I think tomorrow I am making meatballs, sloppy joe and maybe chilli and getting the freezer stocked. Both giirls are working full time this summer at camp and my job hours are crazy so I have fallen behind on bulk cooking