Saturday, June 14, 2014

A busy Saturday

Up a bit later than usual, about 7 a.m., then got a start on my day. Emptied waste bins, recycling bin. washed down both the main bathroom as well as the powder room, stripped beds, cleaned the kitchen-just the usual home cleaning on a Saturday. Once ready for the day, I headed over to Walmart. Not my favorite store by a long shot, but I was in the market for a small microwave to replace the one in this rental. Not sure if it belonged to the owners (their daughter inherited this place and rents it out)or if it was from a former tenant (there have been several it seems, based on the random mail I sometimes get, and voting polls). The one I replaced is from 2003, and is literally wearing the paint off of the inside door, from wipe downs over the years. It's on borrowed time and I question it's safety. I had looked on line first, but wanted to see what they sell at the store, to hopefully avoid shipping charges. I ended up with this one:


$49 plus tax, 700 watts. Just big enough to heat up a dinner plate-perfect for my needs.

While there, I also stocked up on some personal care products (large box tampons, deodorant, hair gel, oil of olay moistureizer, body lotion, large bottle color care shampoo, large can of hair mouse, hair spray), a jug cat litter, a canister of long range shooting wasp/hornet spray (found 3 areas where they are starting to build nests under the eaves)- taking advantage of their prices and some great coupons. I also got some Mrs Wages salsa mix for this afternoon's project, as well as a few grocery items (tapioca, baking soda, whipping cream, nutella, 2 jugs white vinegar), a replacement wall clock for the bathroom (I dropped the first one, breaking it). I spent a total of $120.50 BUT saved $16 in face value coupons.

Next, I headed across the street to Stop and Shop. DD and I have been discussing easy prep meals for while I am out of commission, and they have a sale on BSCB @ $1.99/lb. I also got 2 loaves of Artisan bread (both are types of Rye) on marked down, 2 pints of 1/2 & 1/2, individual yogurts, a bag of Cascade gel packs (I had $ 2 off coupon in addition to a sale price), oreos, wheat thins, fresh pineapple, 1 marked down box of snack baggies, 1 marked down box tall kitchen trash bags, Purex detergent (didn't need but it was $1.49 loss leader with store coupon), 2 almond milk, 2 gallon white vinegar, 1 men's deodorant, 2 huge pkgs BSCB, 2 pints blueberries. I spent $60.03, saved $4 with coupons in addition to store  cpns and bottle returns.

I then went back to WM as I bought 2 half gallon bottles of vinegar there @ $1.82, then found S &; S gallon on sale at $1.97. Got my refund.

Went on to Aldi's for 2 brownie mix, 6 jello,1 bottleItalian dressing (to marinate aforementioned BSCB), 1 bag of apples, 4 bottles mango passion fruit juice, milk, 6 rolls fzn ground turkey, 2 pie crusts, 2 pkg each cherries and grapes, 1 tub ice cream, 2 cukes, 2 honey nut cheerios. I spent $62.41.

Next: Dollar Tree: 2 bottles of Italian dressing, 2 boxes qt sized baggies. $4.13

Once home, and groceries were put away, I made a strawberry-blueberry-apple pie (2 sad apples had to be used up fast and the strawberries were cut up earlier this week and have been sitting. Best to bake them into something before they go off) Next, I home canned a huge batch of salsa. 16 pints plus a bit extra. Finally, a  load of wash just finished, I'll hang it out to dry overnight. High humidity finally broke today, no A/C needed. : )

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