Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A busy day and we're finally in the last phase

Up early and out to work this morning, the last day before semester exams. Phew! finally!  Before heading off, however, I assembled a Crock Pot with homemade, frozen meatballs and a simple marinara for supper.

Once home this afternoon, I got the mail, and received this:

some shampoo and conditioner samples that I had forgotten that I sent away for. Nice freebie!

Another freebie today was a return visit from the landlord's plumber, to fix a situation like this, down cellar:

Image: http://www.nachi.org/forum/attachments/f22/15258-green-crystallized-matter-copper-pipe-dsc06365.jpg

Plumber was just here last week, fixing 2 different pipes in the same location. No clearance from the LL to address the sinks, however. She chooses to address issues as they happen, and not always all of them. Bottom line-not my bill.

Off to PT this afternoon, then back home to finish getting supper ready:

I had enough leftover salad to go around to 3 of the 4 of us (Mr Picky didn't want salad). Choice of dressings. I also had dessert available:

yellow cupcakes with either chocolate or vanilla frosting (used up 2 open containers of homemade frosting in the process this weekend-awesome!)

or, homemade strawberry-rhubarb pie. I made 2, only one remains!
While getting the table set, food ready, I ran and machine dried a load of towels (humid, wet weather and Summer towels do NOT mix in my book!) as well as a load of colored clothes. Before I could hang this second batch, I had to first remove some things I had drying there, including a large, oval, buttercream colored, linen like table cloth that I've had for years (I suspect I got it at a thrift shop). Besides the Koolaid stain, the edges have become quite tattered in several areas, and I needed to address them. I first folded the edge over 1/4 inch and sewed a seam. I then doubled this over, sewed it again. Here's the underside of the newly mended table cloth; I am quite happy with how this turned out. I can't afford to replace it, but I don't like the idea of tattered things on the dining table either. This worked for me.

 Chance of rain, so the newly laundered clothes are on clothes horses to dry overnight:

Supper dishes and kitchen cleared away, 2 lunch kits for DD and myself to take to work tomorrow, plan made to address the leftover marinara tomorrow night: pizza! it'll be either just DD and myself or perhaps DS #1 and the GF will join us. Regardless, the marinara will be used as a pizza sauce and used up. Perfect.

With Summer just around the corner for me, being extra vigilent about my pennies is essential.

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56steps said...

As always, there were good things to eat at your house!
It was sticky here in Rhode Island too and I ended up using my dryer. But this morning is beautiful. I hope it is for you as well.