Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Whittling down the supplies on hand

After this weekend's stock up trip for the month, the fridge was left filled to capacity, actually far fuller than it ideally should be. I told the kids to give it a few days, and space would open up. I also purged the stored recycling this past weekend, as one of my tasks to fullfill. We already have a new kitchen bag filled with recycling, space is opened up in the fridge, to the point that I was able to make a batch of orange "jello" using the reserved juice from some canned fruit. A small, Pyrex casserole now readily awaits late night snack seekers.

Tonight's supper for me was an "use it up" theme: leftover sloppy joe mix (enough for one generous sandwich or 2 skimpy ones) was heated up along with a small can of tomato sauce, a pint of home canned tomatoes, some leftover spaghetti sauce, some sliced fresh mushrooms, spices. This was served on top of some elbow macaroni. I intentionally made extra for DD and I to take some to work tomorrow for our lunches away from home. Not a ton of meat, but enough to satisfy, while flavoring the sauce.

Laundry is going (towels), the laundry that I hung inside last night will be folded, and then I hope to turn in early. I awoke around 2:20 this A.M., when DD got up to use the bathroom. I am that light of a sleeper, so naturally, it was difficult to fall back asleep. 5 a.m. was cruel this morning.

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