Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What's been cooking?

 Fish on Monday was creamed tuna over the rest of a box of Minute brown rice. A true pantry meal, this used a can of cream of celery soup, 3 cans tuna, a can of mushrooms, milk, dill weed, chopped chive, black pepper. A side of canned green beans, dinner was served. Far from elegant, it met our needs, on a day that started with me not getting enough sleep so I found myself fighting off a migraine by the time I got to work at 7 a.m. I made it through the day, as was my goal.
 Tuesday's supper was a quick one, as long standing commitments find me coming home for 6 p.m. A lb pkg of marked down, ground chicken was defrosted,then mixed with 2 medium eggs that were beaten, 1 grated carrot, 1 organic purple scallion that I sliced, Lea and Perrins white worcestershire, Mrs Dash garlic and herb seasoning, homemade bread crumbs. This method allows me to stretch one lb of meat into 5 (yes FIVE) very generous burgers. One was set aside for tomorrow's work lunch for me (in a container alongside leftover peas, leftover corn). I formed patties and placed them on my grill pan, only after first spraying the pan with pam spray and toasting some Aldi's onion rolls. Once browned on both sides, I offered the choice of sliced sharp Cheddar, for those interested. Assorted condiments accompanied.
A quick salad of mixed, organic baby salad greens, tomato, cuke, chopped chive. Additional side was canned corn. 


Rachel said...

Yum! Your menus have been an inspiration to me...I have done a menu plan each of the last 3 weeks, realizing that meals don't have to be fancy to be good.

Also I have been inspired by what you have been buying at Dollar Tree. We have one less than a mile down the road from me, but I have been leary of buying food products there. I did buy a bag of french fries and onion rings today to try. With rising food prices and no income over the summer, I have got to cut costs where I can. Do you have a list of tried and true grocery items you buy at Dollar Tree?

Thanks in advance! Hope you have a great day!

CTMOM said...

I am careful about what I buy at DT, preferring to only buy made in USA products. I tend to buy the following on a regular basis: spices, flour tortillas, mustard, ketchup, vinegar (white), oatmeal packets, name brand cereal, Scotties/Kleenex or their store brand tissues, foil small containers with lids, plastic bags for food, wax paper, dish washer powder (sun brand), LA'a Amazing orange cleaner (laundry spot cleaner), LA's amazing dish detergent (usually the blue bottle), tall canister of Comet cleanser, onion rings, tater tots, french fries, 8 ct medium eggs, 12 or 10 oz fzn blueberries, Kraft dressings (16 oz), 19 oz Hanover baked beans, 26 oz Bruce's baked beans, aeseptic cartons of beef broth, aeseptic (Mrs Grsssman's)1 % /2%/whole milk quarts for the pantry, chocolate bars from Poland (awesome!). you never know what you'll find there. They even carry Shasta soda-a brand I can no longer usually find. HTH!

CTMOM said...

I thought of a few more items: lasagna noodles (colombia brand), Nelson brand (a Canadian company) "jello" 4 count boxes, greeting cards/wrapping supplies, ,mailer envelopes, calendars, hydrocortizone cream, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap (fancy vegetable oil based huge bars), large bottles of bubble bath such as vanilla to water down and use as liquid soap refills, Softsoap refill soap (can use cpns on these!), crackers, bean soup, black olives, BBQ sauce(kraft), Popeye canned spinach, Cape May brand canned clams. Gotta know your prices and watch sizes. A bag of beans is $1 for 16 oz at the grocer's but a $1 at DT gets you only a 12 oz pkg. : )

Rachel said...

That does help! :) I do go there for cards, gift bags, the wax paper, foil pans, etc. I just have never really bought food there. So now I now what you recommend I think I wil branch out and see what goodies I can find next time I go :)

Nutbird said...

To fight off a migraine, start drinking 16 ounces of water. Take a handful of magnesium, about 1000mg and a few B2 pills. The B2 are hard to find, so you may have to get them online. Keep drinking water. In an hour or so if it is getting worse, take more magnesium. Then more water. This is usually enough to stop it. For me anyway. Sometimes I take two Advil if my head starts to hurt. I know I might get a migraine when I start seeing flashes and funny things. Sometimes taking caffeine helps. I like to drink a real sugary coke. Migraines can come (non-hormonal ones) from dehydration, bright lights, and low blood sugar. I've been really successful with this technique lately and hardly ever get a
real migraine anymore. I am a pharmacist and have researched this a lot and it is safe. Ann

CTMOM said...

NIce to see you commenting! Yes, I am careful to avoid all triggers, such as simple dehydration. This migraine (lightening bolt flashes, floating spots-it gets interesting for me) was caused by interrupted and not enough sleep. Grrr . . I fought it off, got thru the day (can't afford to take a sick day as it means that my check will be docked several $$$/day that I am out.). Caffeine helps, as you mention, Pepsi/cola that has the gas beaten out of it, helps with my migraine caused nausea as well. When I get them, I get them BAD.
: (
I've learned A) how to avoid them
B) how to ward them off
I tried the B2 years ago, wasn't really sure that it was doing anything. Few years back, migraines were increasing in frequency so I returned to a new specialist/neurologist. He wanted to put me on some serious, new RX. I wanted sublingual ergotamine-worked for me years ago, why not stick with it? sigh. So I returned home, never refilled the RX-it scared me, reading the side effects. I am a good self advocate when it comes to medical stuff. That situation w/ the new MD just didn't sit well with me. Luckily, (knock on wood), my migraines are rare now.