Sunday, May 11, 2014

Using what I have: fruit based desserts

Purchasing fruit is always a challenge this time of year. Nothing has been grown for months, we await the first Rhubarb to hit the farmer's market come June, so I rely heavily on home canned and fzn produce, as well as what little I can deem "affordable." At the moment, bananas and strawberries are the limits in that dept.

 Wanting to continue to offer fruit, and needing to come up with a dessert for supper tonight, I turned to my pantry and dug out 2 pints of homemade, blueberry pie filling and made a crumb topped pie, to be served with vanilla bean ice cream.

I also had 5 apples (one of which went bad over the past few days, so actually 4 when I emptied the fruit bowl) that I wanted to use up. I sliced these up, and rummaged around the fridge, unearthing some leftover homemade cranberry sauce, leftover cranberry orange relish. Still not satisfied that enough fruit was filling the baking dish, I added some cut  up strawberries before sprinkling a crisp topping of oats/flour/cinnamon/sugar/brown sugar over the top. I used 2 pkts of apple oatmeal that I want used up instead of the canister of oats, therefor using less brown sugar than usual. I also topped this mixture with the reserved "cereal dust" from a pkg of Aldi's generic "apple jax" cereal that I saved. We rarely have "junky" cereal and I didn't want to waste the sugar powder on the bottom. Both baked off together. House smells awesome, multiple canning jars now fill the dishwasher. It's all good.

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