Thursday, May 22, 2014

Twin baking for Thursday

Taking a page out of Frugal Queen's book (, I am using her technique for making quiche. I was taught to make "traditional" quiche in a pastry covered quiche pan, filled with a custard mixture of eggs, heavy cream that covered a pile of cooked filling (veg, meat) that was first covered by a mound of cheese. With the ever increasing price of all of the aforementioned, her technique allows one to make a decent quiche, while cutting back on the pricey ingredients. Thursdays are normally vegetarian dinners here, but tonight is a modified exception, finding me pulling out a pkg of chicken-apple sausages that I had bought on sale plus large coupon, and then froze. Since I already had a purchased box of pie crust (I often make my own from scratch), this became a fairly quick meal to assemble for the oven. I am also trialing using metal cake pans, versus my ceramic quiche pans to see if there is any difference (Froogs recommends this).

Ingredients used:
-1 2 crust box of pie crusts (Aldi's)
-9 medium sized eggs (Dollar Tree)
-1/2 cup of 1/2 & 1/2 cream (Aldi's)
-the rest of some home shredded Cheddar cheese, l/o from Tuesday night
-the rest of a 5 counties cheese block of British cheese, bought on marked down (Aldi's). It contains a thin rectangle of the following cheeses: Double Glouster, Red Leicster, Chesire, Derby, Somerset Cheddar. Delicious splurge (Aldi's)
-salt, pepper (Aldi's)
-1/4 of a cut red pepper, 1/8 of a cut yellow pepper (Aldi's)
-1 pkg Johnsonville Chicken-apple sausages (Stop and Shop)
-9 thin, young leeks (organic CSA)
-the rest of the wrinkly, grape tomatoes as well as 2 Roma slicing tomatoes that are a bit long in the tooth. (I am now down to one, smallish tomato-enough for one person's salad or on one sandwich)

This meal is using up several items out of the fridge, which is a good thing. I am baking two quiches, hoping for some leftovers for either breakfast or lunches. Side will be steamed, organic CSA asparagus.

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