Saturday, May 17, 2014

The fridge clean out continues . .

While lunch provided opportunity to eat up some leftovers before they turned, I was still left with some things that I want out, ASAP. Having tossed some food today (see previous post), I am again on the warpath to ensure that this doesn't happen again. I still had a generous cup's worth of precooked, elbow macaroni, that I had pre-planned and cooked ahead to serve underneath some leftover creamed tuna (DS # 3 took care of that at lunch today).  I decided that a macaroni salad would be a nice accompaniment to tonight's sandwiches (intending to use up some leftover meatloaf).

Also used up was the rest of the old celery (bought fresh today), 3 freebie mayo packets, 1/2 of both the remaining 1/4 red and yellow peppers), the rest of a bottle of Ranch dressing, the rest of the fresh chives.

I used my usual recipe, adding the aforementioned Ranch dressing, and some fresh oregano since I had it.

Here's the final product. It's now chilling off in the fridge. DS # 1 is coming to dinner with his GF (but she won't touch anything with mayo), and he loves this stuff. I can also give him some to take home with him. Any additional leftovers can be served with Sunday lunch and/or taken to work/school on Monday.

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