Sunday, May 11, 2014

Set for June: menus


This week is already mid month, with grocery shopping completed, it's time to take stock, and set up a dinner menu plan.

1-herb crusted eye of the round, oven roasted potatoes, veg
2-crab quiche, salad, veg
3-planned over: stroganoff, veg
5-fzn cooked turkey-bean tacos, corn
7-tuna sandwiches
8-CP rotiserie style chicken, buttered noodles, 2 veg
9-hirseradish encrusted tilapia, rice, veg
10-CP fzn cooked turkey-bean chilli, corn bread
12-CP vegetarian marinara with zuke cubes, chic peas etc over farfalle; salad
14-sloppy joes with ground beef
15-CP turkey-beef meatloaf, mashed potatoes (make extra for tues), veg
16-creamed salmon over boiled potatoes, fzn peas
17-CP pork chops, planned over mashed potatoes, veg, apple saue
19-layers casserole, herbed biscuits
20-homemade pizza, salad
21-meatloaf sandwiches
22-birthday bash-plans to be determined
23-salmon patties, coleslaw, veg
24-lazy golumbki casserole, veg
26-ground lamb-Ital sausage meatballs in marinara, penne pasta, salad, veg
28-hotdogs in buns,baked beans, coleslaw
29-CP roast turkey breast, stuffing, gravy, veg
30-broiled fish, brown rice, veg

Most meals state "veg" as this will be determined, based upon what we receive through the CSA, otherwise, I'll draw upon what canned/fzn produce remains. I continue to focus on using what is on hand. Our "summer" starts on the afternoon of 6/18-I'll be planning out our lunches as well. 

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Belinda said...

Sounds great, as usual, Carol. Our summer vacation starts soon. Bailey has 5 days left while I have 8 right now, but could have up to 10 if someone else calls. I'm looking forward to getting a lot done at home.