Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pulling from frozen assets, in the freezer and talking grocery budget

Wednesday night supper is usually dinner for one, as the youngest have visitation aka "Dinner with Dad" on Wednesdays, so it's an easy night for me. DD and sometimes college boy (usually with the GF) join me. Tonight, it's dinner for one, and as usual, I am having some leftovers. I initially pulled a container of 8 home made, Italian style meatballs in sauce out of the freezer, and defrosted it in the microwave while I cooked 1/2 of a lb of sale priced (plus I added a coupon on top!) of penne pasta. I drained the pasta, and mixed the sauce and meatballs ever so gently into the pasta, intending just 2 meatballs/serving and allowing for some upcoming work lunches for DD and myself.  Dd will eat her supper later tonight, as she works today. Not something I would usually pair with pasta, but I am finishing the l/o corn from last night as my side vegetable. It works.

At the beginning of the month, I hit several stores, doing my "big monthly stock up" shopping trip. Subsequently, I had more shopping, on a smaller scale, take place, including this past weekend when only 1 gallon of milk was required. The plan for this upcoming weekend is again to limit myself to only must haves. I am anticipating buying fzn OJ, milk.

To date, I have spent $352.95 of my allotted $400/month grocery shopping budget, $100 of which is supplied by DD as her "rent". In addition to this figure, I set aside monies every month to cover our organic farm CSA share as well as monies to cover any food purchased at a restaurant (of any sort). Some months, nothing is spent at restaurants. Rounding this up, I spend $400 total a month out of my monies towards food, cleaning and personal care supplies, paper goods for a family of 4 with 2 additional adults frequently joining us for dinner and/or gifted food to take with them.

We continue to eat a varied, healthy diet with some goodies/treats tossed in. Winning the grocery game, however,is increasingly more difficult. I stick to my budget, however, making changes, as needed, in order to do so. Raising the budget is out of the question, especially as I had an income loss  recently while I was out on unpaid medical leave, and what few checks I have remaining this school year, will have to cover us until the new school year, when my next check will be 9/15. July and especially August have always been the lean times here. We'll make do.

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Anonymous said...

Considering your kids are all adults or adult sized appetites, I think you do very well with your budget. Especially on that side of the state (not that it matters much anymore - the whole thing is getting very very $$y)