Sunday, May 11, 2014

Playing the CVS game


Realized this morning that I forgot to fill the car while I was out yesterday, I'd probably have enough for Monday, but didn't want to risk it so, I headed out. A phone call also reminded me that there is a RX for DD to pick up, Before heading over to CVS (same town as I'd be buying gas as it's much cheaper than here), I checked the ad, and my coupons. Here's what I bought: RX @ $0 as we hit our deductible, 4 boxes CVS tissues @ 88 cents (I realize that I now have a mountain of tissues here, but with allergies in full swing and having gone down to one extra box, this is worth the effort,and it's a good deal), 2 500 ct pkgs of CVS swabs BOGO 50% off, 2 boxes Tampax (highway robbery!), 2 CVS shave gel for ladies BOGO 50% off, 3 Mennon GEAR version deod: one was BOGO with a manufacturer cpn, the third $2 off cpn, 2 multi packs of CVS  "purse pack" tissues. Whatever wasn't on sale (purse pack tissues, Tampax, 1 shave gel, 1 pkg of swabs-all of these I was able to use a 30% off in store cpn that was emailed to me. Out the door, I spent $21.51 CASH. I saved $35 over their regular prices, never mind factoring in what they charge for the RX.

Gas was purchased, then I headed over to S & S to see if any chard came in (they were out yesterday), and bought 2 bunches organic chard, as well as a savoy cabbage. $4.88 CASH.

I also stopped at Dollar Tree and grabbed 4 more boxes of the Post great grains cereal (I opened it and had a handful, DD had a bowl full this morning-very good. It's dated to expire July 2014 which may be why DT got it. Regardless, great deal on a healthful cereal. I also bought 3 boxes Scotties tissues, applying a 50 cent cpn towards them, 4 pkgs of Goya dulce de leche waffer cookies, a box of quart baggies (noted we're running low this morning). $11.72 CASH.

Final stop: Aldi's for the 1/2 and 1/2 I forgot yesterday, and to check on Italian sausage prices. In the meat case, they charge $3.49/lb, in the freezer case it's $2.52 (didn't realize that these are 19 oz pkgs so a better buy than $2.99 as marked). I grabbed 2 of these, each containing 5 links and made up 5 bags for the freezer, each containing just 2 links. It'll have to do. Meat is becoming so expensive.

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