Sunday, May 25, 2014

Planning ahead, restocking where needed, and a small weekly grocery shopping trip

Yesterday, I dropped off the trash (18 lbs = $3.60 in fees. This amounted to 2 13 gallon aka tall kitchen trash bags's worth of trash. I also brought over 4 of the same sized bags of recycling. Love that we have such a high rate of recycling.

Since I was half way there, I traveled on to the city for some stock up for the upcoming Summer, as well as a modest grocery shopping trip. I had approx $45 left for May to spend. The overage is being carried over to June's budget, especially as the overage is for items to be used this Summer.

First stop: Aldi's where I bought the following:
-18 ct pkg of TP
-gallon milk
-4 frn OJ
-4 28 oz cans baked beans
-lite soy sauce
-1 pkg each of lean ham, turkey breast for sandwiches
-4 pkgs sliced cheese for sandwiches: Munster, Provolone, Sharp Cheddar, Swiss
- 3 ct pkgs gum
-6 large tomatoes
-2 pkgs hotdog buns, 1 of hamburger buns, 1 loaf seeded Rye bread
-1 yellow and 1 red pepper
-lb strawberries
-3 lb bag MacIntosh apples
-2.9 lbs bananas

Total spent: $51.27

Next stop: Dollar Tree, where I bought the following:
-1 box great grains Greek cereal to try (DD gives a thumbs up, so I plan on returning for more)
-1 box "brillo pads"
-1 tall canister Ajax cleanser powder
-1 box Sun dishwasher detergent powder
-2 24 oz bottles yellow mustard
1 3.5 oz canister dried, minced onion
-4 bars Yadley lavendar soap
-1 4 oz tube Colgate toothpaste
-2 3.5 o tubes Crest toothpaste
-4 10 oz bags fzn blueberries

Total spent: $15.98, saved $2.50 with coupons (toothpaste and Yardley soap).

Being cautious, knowing what we need this upcoming week as well as for the Summer, has guided my selections.

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