Friday, May 23, 2014

Musings on our new, organic CSA


Today was the last of my Spring CSA share pick up. Since I did a 3 season bundle, I got a discounted price. For $95, I got the following over the past 5 weeks:

-sprigs of Peach tree blossoms
-bunch of Tulips
-quart heirloom tomato marinara, made and canned on the farm
-quart of a spicy marinara, also made/canned on the farm
-baby carrots (the real deal-not what the supermarket calls them)
-a bunch of "seconds" over Wintered carrots
-a lb of pasture raised, ground lamb
-2 bunches pea shoots
-4 large bags of mixed, baby salad greens
-a 4 oz jar of pickled garlic-made and canned on the farm
-a bunch of French radishes
- 2 bunches purple scallions
-a lb of dried, black turtle beans
-1 dozen free range eggs
-a large jar of Summer Squash pickles
-a bunch of chive
-a large and a small bunch of Pok choy
-a large bunch of huge asparagus
-a large bunch of leeks
-a large bunch of oregano
-a bunch of broccoli rabe
-tiny jar of pickled onions and beets-made and canned on the farm
-lb jar of salsa-made and canned on the farm
-large ham steak (again pasture raised meat)
-a large bag of braising greens (mostly Kale it looks like)
-smallish bunch of rhubarb
-2 large, Spring garlic
-large bunch Japanese salad turnips

Seems like a fair price, for locally grown, certified, totally organic food.

Now I have to wait 2 weeks until my Summer share starts!

What do you think?


young77 said...

I'd say you got your money's worth! I belonged to a CSA for a few years (# of years ago) and when the owner, a friend of mine, had to give it up due to developing arthritis in her fingers, I really missed it. She, too, had events from-time-to-time and it was really a fun social time. Can't wait to see what your summer offerings are. Shirley

Lili said...

This is $95 for 5 weeks/boxes. That's $19 per week/box. Considering the variety and the high quality, mixing in some preserved items and some meat, I think you got a great deal. This bodes well for what they'll offer through summer, IMO.

I tried one week of a CSA a couple of years ago and was very unimpressed. Yours is really good.

CTMOM said...

The Summer share is $625 for 15-16 weeks, weather dependent. Naturally, I anticipate much more being included in the weekly pickups as a result. Meats, canned items are not listed as being included in the Summer shares, although they are a part of both the Spring and Fall extended shares, which I belong to this year (Fall $330). We can also purchase "add ons" from local farms that would deliver to the CSA farm for pickup: milk/yogurt, artisan bread, cow's milk cheese, ice cream, coffee. The add ons are quite pricey, IMO and some, such as the coffee, cheese-I can get myself as they are local vendors, and within my usual driving area. The ones I am investigating, however, are the milk/yogurt to determine what kind of yogurt is sent and the cheese add on share as the listing doesn't specify amount/weight of the cheese to be sent. Again, if I wanted to first try these products, they are available (probably marked up) at my upscale, $$$$ IGA market.
My first organic CSA was AWESOME! Definate largesse, would sell me larger quantities of "seconds" for canning, would toss in some extras if asked, such as herbs. "Do you have any sage today?" They are again focusing their efforts on building up their young farmer's program with Yale. Last year's was a dud. 'Nough said. This year, so far, has been great! Love that this enterprise is run by all women with both men/women working as interns, farm hands. : )
I'll miss having a share to pick up in between the Spring and Summer programs, but it's something to look forward to!