Thursday, May 29, 2014

Keeping it simple

Last night, after cleaning up the kitchen from supper, I started on tonight's supper,  by taking out a baggie from the freezer, that contained 2 cups of chopped, turkey meat. I also soaked the lb of organic, black turtle beans that we recently got through my new CSA.

So, I came home to this, and only had to hand shred a bar of goat's milk, artisan Cheddar cheese that has been lingering in the fridge, and make this:

 a double batch of my homemade, Southern style corn bread. Yum!
DS # 1 and the GF are joining us, it's a cooler night, so this is a perfect menu.

On the home front, I also came home to this:

 I had noted some water on the floor the other day, but dismissed it as we usually get some seepage following rain.
This afternoon, I also heard a hissing sound. Yep-another leaking, overhead water pipe down cellar. An email with photos has been sent to the landlord. Now I wait.


HappyGrama said...

Did your landlord respond to the water problem?

CTMOM said...

Got an email reply, Thurs evening, that the LL would be contacting her plumber, who would call me directly and set up an appointment. Friday came and went, it's now approaching 12 noon on Sat-no word from any plumber. I wait.

CTMOM said...

HappyGrama has left a new comment on your post "Keeping it simple":

Well, since it's the first of the month, maybe you can withhold your rent till it gets done. Or at least tell the LL that's what you're gonna do so s/he can give the plumber a poke!

Happy-never a peep from anyone at all over the weekend. looks like I'll have to text the LL again.