Monday, May 5, 2014

Had a plan

Made it to work today, had bfst, brought lunch, and immediately left at the end of the day, heading straight home. Once in, I got a batch of bread dough into the ABM, and headed to bed for an 1 1/2 hour nap, while the ABM did it's work. DD had to leave at that exact time, so this was perfect. I got the bread into a loaf pan, and set it into the oven for it's second rising.

 Meanwhile, a second batch of dough got started in the ABM. As an afterthought, I make this second batch into a pickled garlic-Italian herb seasoned dough, which is now on it's second rising, in preparation for tomorrow night's pasta dinner. Looks great, smells wonderful!

Tuesday's are busy days, with late afternoon commitments, tomorrow being no exception.
 One of my trusty friends!

I started the sauce tonight, to get a jump on things. Originally, I had planned on frying off a few links of Italian sausage into what I call crumbles, to simply season the sauce with meat, while reducing the amount of meat actually used. A search of the chest freezer showed that I only had a large pkg of links and a package of 2 pre-cooked Italian sausages with cheese by Johnsonville, which I know I bought on sale plus stacked a large, doubled coupon on top of that deal, making this really affordable. I usually use these pre-cooked links for an Italian pasta salad, but selected one for tomorrow's supper. Since it was already cooked, crumbles were out, so I decided to dice it up, to further stretch it.

 Into the Crock Pot it went, along with the jar of heirloom tomato marinara from the CSA and a pint of organic, home canned tomatoes (I like a chunky sauce)

Whenever I open one of my jars, it really is like Summer, I am greeted by an organic Basil leaf and bright red, juicy tomatoes. I know the work that went into producing these canned tomatoes; the flavor can't be beat by what is sold commerically.

Meanwhile, tonight's supper is the leftover turkey stew with dumplings. I had enough leftover to stretch into another round, giving me the night off of cooking THIS evening's meal. : )

Once the kitchen is cleaned up, it will be another early night, as I fight to beat whatever has been ailing me. Allergies? a virus or cold? a combination of both? Shrug.


Lili said...

If you like how the garlic and herb bread turns out, please post the recipe! It sounds delicious.

young77 said...

It all sounds so good, Carol, as always.

Can you or one of your followers help me with this: I am trying to get the hang of coupons, etc. I live in the Pacific NW and went to the grocery today where I buy the orange sticker mark down food items. I bought a "clam shell" container of spring salad greens marked to $1.49 down from $3.49. I had a 55 cent off store coupon for that brand. The clerk wouldn't accept it because as she pointed out it had already been marked down. Is this normal? Thanks for your help. Shirley

CTMOM said...

At least here in CT, if the store accepts manufacturer coupons, they would have to accept that one towards the marked down item. You were buying brand X lettuce. You had brand X coupon, what gives? I would have questioned the cashier, if a no go, I would have asked for the coupon, my receipt and moved over to the customer service station, and I'd ask for a manager. If the manager refused, I'd politely ask for a copy of their coupon policy, in writing. If there was no posting of said policy, I'd politely press the issue. Still no go? A letter to corporate-which often results in a voucher of some sort.I've worked at several grocery stores and have experience with coupons. Do your homework, follow the suggestions above and see where it gets you. Another venue is your state Consumer Protection Agency. I don't know which state exactly you are in, but there should be a website. CT's coupon laws are stated on their's.


Anonymous said...

Always good yo have a plan for when feeling poorly. Home canned maters are yummy!