Friday, May 23, 2014

CSA 2014-final Spring pick up

Today was the last of my extended season, aka "Spring" CSA pick ups. Today's haul: rhubarb (now baked into a mixed fruit crisp with about to go off strawberries, some fzn blueberries from Dollar Tree, 2 apple oatmeal packets substituted for my usual plain oats used in the oat topping); 2 Spring garlic, purple scallions, 1/2 doz eggs, salad turnips, a bag of "braising greens"-a mix of Kales; a bag of mixed baby salad greens, a jar of their medium salsa that they produce from the farm and can, a ham steak (they usually charge $16/lb!). Very pleased with this week's share, nice to see more and more coming.

We have a week off, then the Summer share will begin. I continue to look forward to it.

Tonight's supper for 2: sloppy joes (using the rest of some sauce that I froze; I buy double sized cans, decant 1/2 and freeze for another time. At $1.09/can this is a bargain, and is made by Stokleys-a good brand), using Aldi's ground fzn turkey, a salad of baby salad greens, grated carrot, sliced salad turnips, chopped cuke, choice of dressing. May bake off some tater tots or onion rings.

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Lili said...

You do receive some very interesting bundles from this CSA. The salad turnips would be difficult to find in a regular supermarket, as would the purple scallions.