Saturday, May 17, 2014

Aldi's ground beef question

I noted that Aldi's has a promotion/sale on fresh. not frozen, 5 lb tubes of 73% ground beef right now. While I have bought and continue to do so, their frozen tubes of 85% beef and have been very happy with the quality (lean, not greasy), I wonder if the 73% beef is a bargain @ $10.99/5 lbs=$2.20/lb. Great price but is it fatty?

Anyone have a product review to share?


Bargain Mom said...

I've never bought ground beef already frozen or in the tubes , so I'm not sure how it is from aldi.
I'm trying to wean the family off ground beef as it's gotten pretty pricey on my side of the state.

We are eating chicken more, so I better start getting creativer since grilled chicken will get boring fast.

CTMOM said...

When I participated in ANgel Food, we often got fzn blocks of ground beef-amazingly lean, too. Fast forward and when meat started to climb in price and AF closed, I grabbed one fzn tube of ground beef (85%) from Aldi's to try. To be honest, I was scared a bit, you can't see thru the label to tell how fatty it is. Well, I was very and happily surprised that it is just as lean as the fzn meat I was getting thru AF. Occassionally, I had been able to get ground beef on marked down at S & S, making the out the door price "reasonable." THey now sell it at $5.49 and up. Quite some time ago, I moved to making 8 oz (I actually weigh it)for the freezer baggies of ground beef for things like tacos, spaghetti-cutting the meat I previously used in these type recipes, in half. We are also eating less beef in general, more vegetarian, less poultry etc. Even ground poultry is getting expensive. Scary.

Bargain Mom said...

I agree then ground turkey is expensive. When it's a deal I stock up on it. Use it for chili, tried burgers and meatloaf with it - not well received at the table. Oddly they don't really notice in chili (maybe it's the beans & spices)

This summers trick is to make polenta cakes that can tolerate the grill (I make them for the griddle with no problem) Yummy with meat sauce over the top.

Thinking a rough ragout of grilled veggies and shave of Parmesan might be a good dinner they will all agree to

carol pavlik said...

If I remember correctly I bought this ground beef once. At the end it was swimming in grease and the cooked meat had mystery hard pieces in it. I decided no matter how cheap it was, it was no bargain.

young77 said...

I don't know if you or your followers read Mary Hunt's Everyday Cheapskate, but I learn from her, too. This is a quote from one of her e-newsletters: "Last week I had the perfect opportunity to test a tip sent in by reader: “Before you pay full price for ground beef, look at other cuts of beef that might be on sale. If the price is better, ask the butcher to grind that roast or flank steak.”

This particular day 80 percent lean ground beef was $4.99 a pound, but boneless London broil was $2.47. Wow! What a difference. I selected three London broil that had the best marbling and the butcher was more than happy to grind them and just like that I saved $2.47 a pound. When I got home I broke it down into six packages of about one pound each and froze them".

I am going to check this out. Shirley