Saturday, May 17, 2014

A small grocery shopping week, and what's for lunch?

 The plan continues-no big shopping trips the rest of this month, just must have's and good deals. I was in the city, so close to Aldi's today with one kidlet, so after dropping him off for a lesson, I swung over to Aldi's for the following: 2 gallons milk (one whole, one 1%), a quart of 1/2 & 1/2 (noted new packaging), organic spinach, celery, 2 pkgs of their better quality, beef hotdogs (so NOT discontinued as I suspected) and placed those in the freezer; a cantaloupe. Spent $15.17 debit.
 Right next door is Dollar Tree; with tacos on the menu this week, I needed to grab a few pkgs of tortillas. $2 in change (find that I need to unload change often as my purse gets heavy. The stores love change so it's a win-win situation).
Back home, I cleared out the fridge, and cobbled together the following for today's lunch: creamed tuna over elbow macaroni for one kidlet, 2 smallish containers of baked beans and one hotdog cut into "pennies" for an instant beanies and weanies dish, later topped with ketchup.

My lunch ended being some l/o pizzeria pizza, and l/o salad. Good to use this up. My fridge thanks me.

Fridge clean out also revealed that DD has NOT been taking all of the prepared leftover meal sized containers to work, resulting in them being tossed today. Grrr . . she's away for the weekend, a talk about this will follow.

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Lili said...

We find ourselves in a similar situation as you. We've done our major shopping for the month, and now we are down to a small amount of grocery money. For us, that's $40 to last the rest of the month, so it's only what's really needed, and any stellar deals, but nothing else.

My shopping today consisted of 3 gallons of milk. The marked down (clearance) milk was $2.59/gallon, up 50 cents/gallon over last time. I know this is a fantastic deal compared to other places, but for us, it's feeling like a steady creep upwards.

I'm just thankful for having a lot of meat in the freezer and a garden just beginning to produce. We can get by with just spending a small amount for the rest of the month.

Good luck with your grocery budget for the rest of the month.