Sunday, May 18, 2014

A quiet Sunday

It's been a quiet Sunday, here in CT. Weather is beautiful, sunny, temps in the low 70's, breezy. Perfect. Breakfast with one kidlet (farm eggs fried in reserved fat. I had an English muffin with butter and homemade plum conserves, he had the last plain bagel with neufchatel cheese. Oj, coffee/tea). We went again to the city today, as a lesson was being made up from yesterday as the instructor had a conflict. No issues. Back home and a simple lunch of sandwiches, with pickle spears and l/o homemade macaroni salad.

Managed to fold a batch of laundry for DS #1, who ran it through late last night before returning home. A second load was washed, which I hung out to line dry. I also managed to run a load of whites and colored clothes for my own household. Finally, a combined load of my and his towels are now running, to later go into the dryer.

In the kitchen this afternoon, I have a double batch of banana bread going. We are currently limited in what I deem "affordable" as far as fresh fruit goes, and DD had asked for bananas, which I did buy, but then they sat, and continued to sit, especially as she is away for the weekend. Neither of the youngest care for bananas as fruit, yet will eat them in baked goods. So-banana bread it is!

Sunday supper tonight will find all 3 sons at the table (DD returns sometime Monday), and I am making Marcia Adam's ham loaf, using a pkg of ground ham out of the deep freezer, along with a roll of Bob Evan's pork sausage that I got on sale + large coupon. We continue to eat stores down, and will do so all Summer, regardless of where we are. Sides will be homemade scallopped potatoes, using a TNT recipe from Best recipes cookbook, veg TBD.

Speaking of moving; I continue to monitor the rental market and while several new ones have posted, they are way out of my budget at $5500/month for rent. While this rental (as any rental situation) has had both it's positives and negatives, affordability, relatively speaking, has been a major bonus for me. I am used to this home, it's pluses as well as it's minuses. I just mailed the May 15th rent check that covers thru June 14th, and have 2 more months left then on this current lease extension, which expires Aug 14th. While I have yet to hear from the LL about extending the lease, she is required to give me first right of refusal, per the lease. I anticipate hearing from her soon. Meanwhile, I am keeping an eye out, the realtor knows that I am interested in relocating within town.


Debbie said...

5,500 dollars for rent??!! Wow. That price is just crazy. My Mom lives in RI and her mortgage is about 2,500. That number is just crazy too. I couldn't afford to live up in New England.

I wonder how families are able to manage with such high costs of living, if they are not watching their pennies. I hope those who are in need are able to get the assistance they need in able to survive in such a high priced area.

CTMOM said...

Yes, high cost of living here, and I am located in Fairfield county. Luckily, I am paying a lot less! Where I work, down county near "the Gold coast," rentals for McMansions are easily $35,000 yes thousand! a month. Very different lifestyle bracket,to be sure. So, I wait and see what happens. Trying to focus on closing out the school year, figuring out what we are doing this Summer, etc

Theresa F said...

Fruit prices here in Ontario are crazy too. It is sad when apples are a good deal at .99 cents a lb.

young77 said...

Rent at $5500/mo is criminal. I had no idea the cost-of-living was so outrageously expensive in your part of the country. I, like Debbie, hope those in dire straits get the help they need.

CTMOM said...

Young: here are listings on line as of today:
-1 bed/1 bath, sizes range from 250-600 sq feet Price: $1000-$2000/month
-2 bed/1 1/2 or 2 bath, sizes range 1585-1946 sq feet Price: $1800-$2300/month
currently no 3 bedrooms available
-4 bed/2-3 full and 1-2 half baths, sizes range 3212-4883 sq feet Price: $3300-$4000/month
-5 bed/ 3-5 full 1-3 half bath, sizes range 3367-10,000 sq feet, Price: $3200-$6900/month

I just need a 3 bed, 2 bath ranch with a garage/carport that I can afford and that won't kill me to heat.