Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday!


Woke up to a scene, much like the one pictured above! Crazy, overnight dusting of snow, left a final (hopefully!) Winter wonderland. Naturally, we had to be on the road for 7:30 a.m. as 2 kids had 8 and 8:15 appointments at the same MD. Worst was the iced over car. If I know there may be snow, I back into the garage, nosing out my car. No power last night meant no late evening news broadcast. We made it to our appointments on time, with no issues.

Immediately returned home, got the wood stove going again, as temps may not climb out of the low 30's, and the forecast is for record breaking cold tonight (24 degrees F). I've placed plastic grocery bags over my planters, to protect my recently planted Panseys.

Breakfast was naturally quick this morning-just the usual. Lunch is pizza leftovers and dinner is the spaghetti and meatballs that we didn't have last night. The CP is again simmering them.

I've done a load of towels, they are now drying. Today was my baking day, a bunch of black bananas have been staring me down for a few days. I made a batch of what I call "Monkey bars"-a banana-mini choc chip cookie bar recipe, as well as 1 loaf of banana bread (with the good 1/2 of a bad apple finely chopped as I didn't have enough leftover banana for the recipe), 2 loaves of pumpkin-pecan bread. This baking also keeps the home warmer.

Next up: the mountain of mending needs attending to. That's this afternoon's project.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Carol--wanted to tell you that Gail Nagle wondered if anyone on KF board was in touch with you--apparently she got a strange message which would indicate to her that your computer had been hacked and was sending out e-mails that you had nothing to do with. I said that I read your blog daily and would be glad to tell you that next time I read a post of yours. She was afraid to e-mail you directly lest she give her info indirectly to said hacker. I'm either braver or more foolish than she is, not sure which.

We had snow yesterday too. So tired of it, but most is gone now.

CTMOM said...

Hi Marcia
I'll do a viral scan. First I've heard of any issues. I do know that AOL has been sending bogus mail out. I have an AOL addy that I use twice a month, if that to communicate with my now DX.

-Michelle said...

Ah yes, the never ending winter. We are still "wintering" over here in the midwest as well! There HAS to be an end!

CTMOM said...

Fortunately, this was a true Spring snow-all gone come afternoon! Still very cold out here, loved the 70 degree temps we were teased with for a few days, but that was 10 degrees hotter than normal for this time of year for us. Now it's 10 degrees colder than normal. New England-always fickle weather!