Friday, April 25, 2014

What's been cooking . .and freebies

Wednesday ended up being dinner for 4, with older DS and GF joining us, so Farfale was added to the rest of a box of shell pasta and cooked. Meanwhile, I had combined l/o sloppy joe sauce with 4 leftover meatballs (that I had smashed) in marinara, a pint of canned tomatoes, some wine, some herbs=a nice meaty, sauce. Sides: garlic toast made out of hoagie rolls (marked down), l/o 3 bean salad from a party at work.

Thursday was a ham/asparagus/Munster (frozen shreds I made from Deli ends)quiche; steamed asparagus, honey carrots.

Today's freebies:
 A good sized chunk of Cheddar cheese l/o from a recent work luncheon, 2 Girl Scout cookies from a student, some assorted cookies from same luncheon.

Dinner tonight: 4 halves of wrap sandwiches from work, leftover from a luncheon held after a presentation: only one type was left, but that's OK: ham/cheese/Romaine/tomato on whole wheat wraps. I also have some spicy mustard and mayo packets to accompany. 2 homemade brownies and 2 chocolate chip cookies for dessert-also from work luncheons. Since it's the weekend, it was pushed to take home, so as to avoid wasting it.


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