Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wacky Wednesday-just gotta be flexible!

Off to work early; learned today that a colleague will be retiring at the end of the year. Sad to see her go, hope we stay in touch.  : (

Once home, I set to  cleaning up the kitchen a bit before addressing some laundry:

Folded the towels out of the dryer (washed this AM) as well as the hanging clothes that were dry, placing some clothes on hangers (not pictured) to be returned to closets
washed more clothes and hung those up. A third batch (whites) was also run. Product review: new Simply Tide detergent that I recently got on sale plus large coupon. While not exactly "Tide" it works just fine, has a different scent. As long as my clothes are clean, I'll continue to purchase whatever is the best deal.

Kidlets came home, one was unusually cranky. Seemed to disappear so I tracked him down to my bed-he complained of chills, was burning up, and just wanted to sleep in Mom's bed. Not a good sign. Looks like he'll be home tomorrow. Luckily, DD goes in for work for 2 ish and I can be home by 2:45 so we've got this covered. My friend is just a few doors down, if needed.  No more paid days off for me until Sept, I've got to get creative in these situations.

 Meanwhile, I made a loaf of honey wheat bread, now cooling off.
 Normally it's dinner for one, or 2 if DD is home, as it's visitation evening, so, I turned to an "emergency meal" that keeps us away from take out. Frozen lb of ground beef, a can of sloppy joe sauce, msc hamburger buns out of the freezer became sloppy joes.
 A bag of Prince Edward vegetables was microwaved for our side dish,

a bag of fzn onion rings was cooked off in the oven that was still hot from baking bread.



young77 said...

I remember those days of being a working single Mom with a sick child at home. Back then the company was completely unsympathetic(we weren't supposed to use our sick/vac days except for our self.) You got so much accomplished, too, and your dinner sounds yummy!

Paid in Chickens said...

The bread looks gorgeous!

Bargain Mom said...

Ya gotta love wacky Wednesdays. I have both home today...
Possible strep and the tummy bug :-(

That means rather than a haircut & errands during the day it's trip to Yale to see the dr and cleaning hard surfaces down along with errands at night once the Hubby gets home.....grrrr

Off to find my hair clippers - I will do this myself! (Joking)

Tanner said...

Yum, that looks good. The loaf of bread looks like it came from a magazine! So perfect.