Monday, April 14, 2014

Today's theme: cars, taxes, emergency meals


Up early this morning, and off to the Toyota dealership, as I received a recall notice in the mail on Friday. Strange thing is, that when I called, I was told to just bring it in, and to do so before 8 a.m. if I wanted a loaner car. I arrived shortly after they opened, and made arrangements for the recall repair as well as an oil change (free to me since I bought the car through them), new wiper blades, a new battery for one of my button openers. I got a Corolla to drive, and was told to just top up the car with whatever (little) gas I would use. Fine. I got the call at 11:30-car is ready. After putting $5 worth of gas in, I returned to trade vehicles, pay my bill: $41.81. I set aside $ every month for auto maintenance, so not an issue. I noted to the service tech that my car was now covered in bird poop (assume that they had parked it under a tree at some point), so he gave me a car wash voucher. Nice.

Freebie: recall repair on a sensor
Freebie: loaner car
Freebie: oil change
Freebie: car wash voucher (will use next month)

Bfst this morning was quick; I grabbed a piece of Danish and some coffee before heading out to the dealership. Once home again, I had the rest of the strawberries, some juice, a second cup of coffee.

Laundry for the day was only a fleece blanket and some towels. DS #1 came over to do his laundry. I made burgers for lunch, with canned baked beans on the side.

Dinner will be just me and DD (twins return for 8 p.m. tonight), and we have enough leftover pot roast for us. Easy.   Scratch that-kids just came home unexpectedly. No word as to why. Shrug. It's 6, we eat for 7 most nights, so time to grab a frozen asset-this time, it's the tray of stuffed shells I made some time ago. Winds picking up, temps dropping, dampness setting in (rain is forecasted for tonight), so good to have the oven going. Leftover French green beans on the side for them. Pot roast leftovers for me at least, perhaps DD, who may choose to have pasta instead.

Next on the agenda: finally getting my taxes over to the CPA, an all female firm that I use. Love it. : )   A lot less complicated this year, I no longer have a home to declare and have less dependents. No promises, but they'll try to get it done for tomorrow. I also enclosed DD's taxes, at her request. She will be billed separately.

Not yet done with car business, since I knew that I'd literally be driving right by, I stopped in at the carwash that I buy prepaid vouchers for, and had my car washed. The voucher I received this morning is for a location in the opposite direction of where I was going this afternoon, so it's being saved for another month/time. I have 9 more pre-paid or freebie (today's) vouchers plus a freebie (the 10th wash is free at the car wash I frequented today); I won't need to shell out any cash for the rest of the year. I will again take advantage of the Christmas gift vouchers offered in December and set myself up for 2015.

On the way home, I pulled in at the post office and bought 4 books of stamps, as I was down to 2 loan stamps this morning. Item now taken off the list.

On the bills front: rent check mailed today (must be postmarked the 15th), as well as the second installment of our new CSA, which I learned today will start on the 25th-about 11  days. I'll pick up on my way home from work on Fridays-perfect. They open for 2, I'd be arriving around 2:30. Next up: the credit card bill, which is due the 17th (paid that on line through a transfer from my checking to the CC thru the same bank-so that is done) and the Verizon bill which came in today's mail. All bills paid so far, and 3 months worth of expenses remains in the checking account. Awesome! Still need to bulk that account up for the upcoming Summer (I have 6 more checks coming in) and then we hunker down until Sept 15th and the new pay year. I also want to get my savings account back to speed as well. It's been an unusual year.

Heard from our realtor, who I recently contacted regarding some rentals here in town, seeking additional info. She has a rental that will soon be listed and wanted to give me first crack, if interested. She sent me the link to last year's posting, so I was able to see the pertinent details. It's a raised ranch set back from the road on a 3 acre lot (big plow bill!), electric heat (ouch!) and a galley kitchen with NO dishwasher. Really a 2 bedroom but the finished lower level could be used as a 3rd BR-we're already making do in that dept, I really would prefer a proper 3rd BR, as would DD. Another deal breaker: listed as tenant's responsibilities, in addition to snow removal, lawn maintenance and landscaping (I only have "lawn mowing" now), is exterior home maintenance. Um-NO! Just what the heck would THAT include? roof? paint? broken window if a branch hit it? I can only imagine. So, I declined and stated the reasons above, thanking the realtor for keeping me in mind and to please continue to do so, as we weigh our options.

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Reading your day - living thru mine....makes me think we busy moms should have ice cream for dinner! We have earned it!