Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taking care of things Sunday


Busy day today, slept in a bit, then fixed an easy Sunday breakfast for DD and me: fresh strawberries, choice of juices, our Sunday Hazelnut coffee, and a selection of danish (from the marked down table). It has been a long time since we've had danish here.  Lunch was the other 2 hamburgers from a 4 ct pkg that I froze (had 2 yesterday). I find these to be greasy, and even with a screen guard over the pan, the stove was a greasy mess to clean up so, I broiled these today-much, much better. We again had these on toasted, onion ciabatta rolls that I cut into "burger buns." Canned peaches on the side.

 Dinner will be just me and the older 2 tonight, we've having the last pot roast (cooking away in the Crock Pot), the rest of my old potatoes (to be mashed), steamed carrots with fzn pearl onions in cream sauce, fzn peas, canned French mushrooms all seasoned with some additional black pepper. Easy.

We finalized our plans for celebrating DS's birthday; we're doing that next Saturday night.

We decided that instead of the annual visit for Easter at my uncle's, we'll have Easter here, at home. DS # 1 would be alone (from family) for Easter otherwise. While his GF would be welcome to join us, he feels that she wouldn't be comfortable so, plan B it is. I already have a ham in the freezer, and can easily come up with some sides, a dessert.

DD left in the early afternoon for work, so I've been alone today, getting quite a bit done:
-whites washed, on the line drying
-scatter rugs washed, line drying
-heavy, Bates, cotton bedspreads from twin's room are washed, dried and folded
-boy's quilts were washed, and are now drying
-Summer curtains up in my room, the twin's room, the powder room
-made the twins beds up with cotton sheets
-put twins flannel sheets away
-took down the plastic sheeting that covers the vestibule entry screen door (no glass panel) to allow air to flow into the house
-swept the floors, put new trash bag liners in the waste baskets
-removed the pushpins holding the large, picture window sized openings between the living room and dining room "porch" and DD's bedroom on the "porch" so that the curtains can be opened, allowing the sun to stream into the house, but closing them down come sundown. This is a Southern exposure in the dining room, Eastern in DD's bedroom, so there is significant passive solar opportunity here
-made a list of what I'll call "small jobs" and asked DS #1 if he'd be interested in doing any of them for some $. Cheaper for me to hire him, who is desperate for $, than the handyman service. Things like remove exterior plastic from windows, bring out picnic furniture, wipe it down,touch up paint, etc.

I also managed some down time, catching up on 2 missed episodes of Call the Midwife, season 3. A new episode is on later tonight. I watch so little/follow so little TV . . .

Tomorrow, I'll be up early, taking my car in for a recall notice, and asking them to check on the windshield wipers. Back home, I plan on attacking my mending as well as the large pile of clothes that I need to sort through and donate/keep.


Anonymous said...

You've had a more productive day than I. Good job!

Tracy Hathcock said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list! It feels good to get so many things done though. :)