Saturday, April 5, 2014

Taking care of business


With kidlet coming home sick Wed, the theme of the past few days has been "taking care of business," especially as he stayed home for 2 days from school, and I don't have any days off until the Fall. So, a patchwork of childcare coverage was established, calling on first DD then my older DS to cover for the day, until I could get home. While I cooked an emergency meal for just the 2 of us, kidlet took one bite and literally asked to go back to bed. : (      NOT a good sign, but fortunately, a short lived one, as he is feeling much better and decided to go to Dad's for the weekend, but only after cancelling a Sat morning commitment, which he didn't feel up to. Fine. Since I made plenty of food (sloppy joes) on Wed, the copious leftovers became Thursday night's dinner. Perfect. I had had a long day at work, which included an old, stressful issue coming back for another round. It's a situation that I have done what I could, I have in my mind put that issue to bed, and have moved on. There's simply nothing further that I can do on my end. It is what it is. Would be lovely if the other party would do the same. Just not worth any further energy on my part.

Thursday's fashion report: cream V necked T with large, dark blue polka dots was layered under a short sleeved, buttoned, V necked, navy cotton sweater; dark jeans, navy flats, diamond stud ear rings.

Friday's fashion: black and white print dressier short sleeved T/blouse, black dress pants, long sleeved baby pink cardigan with pink roses embellishing from the edge of the neckline all the way down the front 2 openings edges, silver flats, pearl necklace and pearl drop ear rings.

April showers has been and continues to be the forecast. I took out the short trench coat (light cream color edged in orange. An unusual combo for me (I don't usually wear orange) yet very attractive and a coat that I received yet another compliment on just last night. Time to wash the down coats one last time and store them in the coat closet. Funny, fickle weather this time of year. Lows in the 30's most nights, yet can climb up to 60, or decide to remain in the 30's all day.

I had to move my PT from TH to Fri afternoon, due to a meeting at work, which I ended up not attending, due to DS's illness (boss is great about that), so I treated myself to a veggie pizza for one, stopping at the Greek pizzeria on the way home Friday night. Yes, a splurge. I have the funds to do so.

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