Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday supper: talking turkey again!

Turkey will once again grace our Sunday supper table. Target recently had turkey breasts (bone in) on sale @ 99/lb, limit 2 (for the Easter holiday). I took advantage of this deal, and grabbed 2 for my freezer. What I like about this particular one is that it comes with a gravy making "kit" which makes gravy in no time, using pan drippings.

Sides will be: stuffing, using 2 opened bags of stuffing mix and a box of stuffing mix; canned beets (in vintage Pyrex dish)

 I needed to make a dessert, so I grabbed the wrinkly apples out of the fruit bowl, and created a crisp out of them, to later be served with a dollop of butte pecan ice cream on top.
Since the oven was going, I also roasted my last, LARGE, butternut squash. Once the crisp came out, I also placed 2 loaves of pumpkin-pecan bread in the oven to bake off, capitalizing on the energy being used. House smells wonderful!


Debbie said...

Everything sounds wonderful.

young77 said...

I can only imagine how good your home smells. What a yummy assortment of dishes.