Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday supper: Crock Pot rotisserie style chicken

Pulled a 79 cents/lb whole chicken out of the freezer, to be transformed into a CP rotisserie style chicken for today's Sunday supper. Sides will be mashed potatoes, using up/most of the long in the tooth spuds on hand (tried to buy some fresher ones earlier in the week, those already had eyes on them at the store (Aldi's)so I passed, canned mixed vegetables (some Veg-all I bought a while back on sale plus coupon), homemade turkey gravy out of the freezer (a planned over), homemade cranberry sauce. I may also offer a green salad with choice of dressing. I plan on making some chocolate mousse (using box mix) for dessert. Whipped heavy cream to accompany.

Need to finish the laundry (sheets left to finish drying outside), do some mending, finish some paperwork (spend several hours on that last night, so I am in good shape, placing some documents into my bag to take to work so that I can make some business calls during a break from classes tomorrow. No grading/school work to address as I handled all of that before leaving on Friday. I can't comfortably carry a lot home with me anyway. Good not to have that hanging over my head.

Bfst was fzn pork link sausages (Dollar Tree find), scrambled eggs, OJ, hazelnut coffee. I estimate the cost @ $1/person.

Lunch will be burgers on toast again, or homemade soup, if preferred. DD will be off to work for the afternoon, leaving me some peace and quiet. I just may nap with the cats. : )   I am finding that I am still tired, come afternoon.

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