Friday, April 11, 2014

Staycation begins!


Officially, my vacation from work started this afternoon. While many are off to vacation resorts, I am having a staycation at home. Recent salary loss due to unpaid medical leave especially highlights the need to be prudent. My staycation started with my Spring cleaning of the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Heavy, insulated panels and curtains were removed and will be washed, dried and stored away over this weekend. Draft dodgers from these same rooms were removed and are now stored. Temps hit 72 degrees this afternoon, so I opened up the bathroom window, installed a box fan and aired out the room. My cleaning service will be coming this week for our monthly deep clean, but getting these change over tasks attended to is a good feeling. Scatter rugs have been pulled up, heavy bedspreads removed from the twins beds, flannel sheets stripped off (to be replaced with cotton sheets now). Tomorrow, window washing and returning the lighter weight curtains to the windows in the aforementioned rooms. I've already done one super sized load of insulating curtains, towels are drying in the dryer, a third and today's final load of colored clothes is washing. Again, more tomorrow.

Several freebies today: lunch was provided at work: choice of assorted wraps and sandwiches on Kaiser rolls, tossed salad, water/coffee/tea. As it's Lent, I went for egg salad on a whole wheat wrap, salad with Balsamic dressing, water and later, a coffee. Breakfast from home consisted of peanut butter on homemade honey-wheat bread, OJ, coffee. I had a workshop to attend in the afternoon with my Dept. It was productive. Second freebie: a new Penzey's magazine with a free Fajita seasoning coupon attached. I plan on hitting that store this week, especially as I have a second Penzey's coupon for a different item (forget which) to redeem. Final freebie: a recall notice on my new to me car. I phoned and was told to just bring it in on Mon before 8 a.m. if I want a loaner. Perfect.

I am always tired on Fridays, but seemed to have a burst of energy when I got home. After attending to the household chores mentioned above, I got tired, I even toyed with the idea of ordering a pizza. Nope. I was strong, and I have a homemade pizza (onion, black olive, yellow pepper, mushroom) baking off now.


Liz Bernard said...

Yay for your holiday - I am a teacher too, In the UK, and we need the holidays! You have got so much done already.

Anonymous said...

Ours will all be coming down the monday after Easter and then I am taking them all to the laundromat. But it is so nice to have the windows open and the heat off

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is open windows day here happy for better weather. Flannels are off beds much as we love them - it's nice to switch back to regular

Lili said...

Vacations at home are welcome, too. When my daughters had their spring break a couple of weeks ago, I had several people ask me where we were going? I don't know where this idea came from, that we always need to go away for a vacation. Some of my best vacations have been spent right in my own home.
We did a lot on our home vacation this year. And I think my daughters really appreciated being able to sleep late everyday! It was a vacation from their usual university routine.

I hope you have a wonderful Holy week, get a lot accomplished, but also have some time to relax.